Funko Marvel Collector Corps December 2015 Box

Heeeeeeey!! I'm finally getting around to opening my December Collector Corps! The theme was Guardians of the Galaxy and I was really excited for this one. It showed up towards the end of the month so it sat by my desk this entire time. The only reason I remembered it was because I tripped over it. Anyways, let's see what I got!

And like always a patch and pin! This time it was a Rocket Raccoon patch and a Groot pin. I really like the Rocket patch. I'm not a big fan of the Groot pin. Since they are doing the same thing with Smugglers Bounty, I'm going to go ahead and sell the Marvel ones. It's just too many patches and pins to have around.

And here's what was inside the box! OMG THERE ISN'T A SHIRT IN HERE THIS TIME. Sorry but that needed to be said in caps. I haven't been liking the shirt selection and seriously, I don't need more shirts but this is awesome!!

First we have the comic! Every box has had a comic with an exclusive cover but this one is the cutest that I'm keeping and framing it. The other comics have gone off to the sales pile. And check out the scarf! It's really cute and soft. One side has the logo and the gang and on the other side...

It has Groot! He take up the entire legnth of the scarf. It's so adorable and came at the right time. It's has gotten pretty cold where I live right now and I am happily going to use it. It's really adorable.

And for the Funko POP figure there was a 2pk of Groot in a red pot with a green bow and Rocket Raccoon with a red bow on his gun. They are ornaments which sadly because I just opened the box, they weren't put on my tree. They don't stand on their own at all so putting them on my shelf is not an option. They are the cutest and I will figure out where to put them. I'm gonna see if I can hang them off the edge of my desk somewhere.

The final item in the box was this rad Star-Lord mug. It's from their POP! Home collection. Again, much better than a shirt and something I could use a lot of even though I have way too many mugs. I wonder if there were other ones in the box or if it was just Star-Lord. Either way, I love it. 

I think the Guardians of the Galaxy box was their best box yet. The mix up was a fun surprise. There other boxes have been the same - a comic, a shirt, the patch, the pin, and a POP figure or two. Sending out a mug and scarf were even better. The ornaments were a cute idea too. 

Did you get this box? What did you think of it? 

Thanks for reading!

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