Funko STAR WARS Smugglers Bounty Box! RESISTANCE!

I have another Smuggler's Bounty Box!! I actually filmed an unboxing video but kept going back to see what I can do to fix it. My Canon Ti Rebel doesn't zoom when filming and after uploading it, the video looks pink and grainy buuuuut eh, whatever. I made it and I am actually proud of it. One can only get better with practice!

So here is my unboxing video for Smugger's Bounty RESISTANCE BOX!!

And in case you don't want to see my poor excuse of a video (it's totally okay) I present pictures! Granted, I had plans to put them in the post so people could get a better look at the items. 

I did love getting Chewbacca and a flocked Chewie at the that but really, this was a RESISTANCE box and Leia got left out? The quote I added in the video from Travis was after we were having a conversation about the boxes and he saw a rough draft of my video. I so wanted something Leia Organa in this box because she is the resistance. Chewbacca was not part of it for while. He was off with Han the entire time.

Enough about me complainingg (once again) about the lack of Leia. I did love the box just ugh, such a missed opportunity. The C-3PO mug is adorable. It's the second POP Home item I own. I got a Star-Lord mug with my Collector Corps box. I really liked the shirt as well. Another POP shirt to add to the collection.

Still no clue what I'm going to do with the patches and pins but I have a vest that was gifted to me with this ugly piece of red flannel on the back. I may rip it out, sew some Star Wars fabric and add all the patches and pins!!

You can check out my first Smuggler's Bounty box here and the next box will be in March and that theme is Catina. I hope we get a 2pk of Han and Greedo sitting at the table ready to shoot each other. Now that's be an awesome box.

Did you get the RESISTANCE box? What were your thoughts on it? What did you get? Anything different from my items?

Thanks for reading and thanks for watching my video!

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