Geek Girl Brunch San Francisco/Bay Area: May The Brunch Be With You

The San Francisco / Bay Area Geek Girl Brunch chapter held their second met up in December and of course our theme was Star Wars. It was a cold Saturday afternoon in San Francisco but we had a nice turn out, enjoyed the food, and of course geeked out over everything Star Wars!

We had brunch at Sessions at the Presidio which is located in the Presidio in San Francisco, CA. They had a few Star Wars theme drinks and meals on their menu which makes perfect sense since they are located right near LucasFilms HQ! 

The food was amazing. I personally ordered some items off the menu that I never thought I would like and I was in heaven. They also had holiday drink specials which I wished I remember their names so I can tell you. One of them was purple and had egg nog in it. Another drink our waiter described as Thanksgiving in a cup.  My favorite item that I ordered was the Avocado toast with pickle red onion and panella cheese. If you are ever in San Francisco and get to eat at Sessions, order that item STAT.

We spent a couple of hours eating and chatting. It was a fun and great time. We of course talked about Star Wars, our jobs, vacations we have taken/will be taking, and just random conversations. Like I mentioned, even the wait staff hang out and geeked out with us. That was so great too. I love it when the restaurant gets excited with us! It makes the brunch even more fun.

Afterwards, we walked through the Presidio to get photos in front of the Yoda fountain statue by LucasFilm HQ. Sadly their lobby was locked to the public but we saw a First Order, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett statues through the windows.

We also gave out some awesome swag to everyone who came. The Ninjabot graciously gave us these awesome Star Wars prints which are currently in their shop. You can buy them here. Fellow brunch offer Sarah created the awesome Princess Leia felt ornaments. (I have mine hanging in my work cube!) Thanks to Barb who told me about this awesome mini lightsaber tutorial, fellow brunch officer Kristy put together a bunch of them! I made everyone BB-8 out perler beads thanks to this pattern. I also picked up re-usable shopping bags from Target's dollar spot to use as gift bags. Everyone loved them including the staff at Sessions. We had a few left over that we gave them some of the goodies.

It was a great gathering and I'm glad that everyone had a great time. We are currently putting together our next brunch which will happen later this month. Since we are having it after Valentine's day and Deadpool is released this month (exciting!!) our theme is Deadpool Galentine's Day. We didn't book a Mexican restaurant, you know because he loves tacos/chimichangas but we found a place called The Hideout and we just couldn't say no to the name. 

I can't wait!!

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