I ran the Star Wars 5K and I survived!

People run for fun. I never understood that. I ran but that's because I was playing a sport or training during my ROTC years in high school but I never ran for fun. Yes, it's a great form of exercise but unless it was needed, I never did.

In case you didn't know Disney has this thing called RunDisney and every year they have marathons in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. They have 5K, 10K, and half marathons all with different themes. Last year they started a Star Wars ones. I saw how much fun people had running it that a part of me was like, "whoa I want to do this." Registration opened in June 2015 for the 2016 marathon and after a few weeks of thinking about it, I hit the sign up button. I signed up for my very first marathon.

I went simple. I only signed up for the 5K. I knew my limit at that moment of sign up and trying to do a 10K or even the half marathon was not do able. So with me signing up in June and knowing the race was in January, I told myself I had enough time to train. Hahaha... that did not happen. I started a month before the race to train. I was told though that the 5K is a chill run at Disneyland and if you are a walker, you can complete it.

I live in San Francisco. I am a natural born walker. I felt confident enough. So the 15th of January rolled around and I was ready to participate in my first marathon! The start time was 5:30am (oh my god why?!?!) and they wanted folks to be there at 4am. I woke up at 3:30am and made my way to the meet up. I got lucky and scored a hotel that was at the bottom of Disneyland Drive so it wasn't far away at all.

Note to self: You don't need to be there that early. They had an awesome photo set up with a Wampa and First Order stormtroopers were running around but I was Solo... Han Solo and I stood around feeling like an idiot in the cold. There was a stage, a host, and they got folks to dance, showed some trailers, had "cast members" on stage who were to cheery for a 4am wake up call. It would of been a great time if I wasn't by myself and you know, freezing to death.

I was going to wear my Princess Leia tank and my Han Solo shorts both from WeLoveFine but it was so cold I added my work out leggings and threw the 5K shirt under the tank. Thank you free shirt for signing up! Finally at about 4:45am they herded us like cattle to the start of the race. I was placed in corral A so I was in the front!! They had more announcements, mainly thanking sponsors and showed the Star Wars Rebel trailer which OMG I HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT!! I haven't seen the current season.

And the race started. I was so excited to be doing this and getting the chance to run through both Disneyland and Disney California parks. I started off slow by jogging and switching off and on with power walking. We eventually got off the street and headed up backstage. One of the cool things of the runs is chance to get photos with characters who aren't normally around. Each park had two! Chewbacca was back stage of Disneyland but I skipped him since you can met him in the Launch Bay! Seeing the bright lights for A Small World when you entered the park amped me that I started running through the park. Like actual running but I was careful not to over do it.

The second photo op was with Sabine and Ezra in Tomorrowland and I of course stopped and took a photo.

You had to make sure you had time because they have a pacing requirement and if you fall behind they will pick you up and not let you finish the race. The line wasn't bad at all and I stopped for a photo. I ran some more and eventually exited Disneyland and ran to the entrance of Disney California! I stopped to get a photo with the 2nd mile marker because HOTH!

According to it, I did 2 miles in about 34mins considering I stopped  few times for photos and of course stood in line for this one.!

I'm power walking now through Hollywood when I saw a huge line, I ignore it until I turn the corner and OMFG IT'S BB-8. I ran back to the end of the line and I wait. I wait some more. I make some turns. I waiting and watching for the people in case they start yelling that we need to move. I make it in time and I get my photo.

I run passing Tower of Terror, into Bug's land and then Cars Land. When I hit the winery, I see C-3PO and R2-D2!! OMG, I run over to try to get in line but they had closed it off.


Oh well, I keep running. I run through Disneyland California, exit into Downtown Disney, and I finish the race. I finish the run.

Guys, I finished it but don't ask my final time because I was not keeping track at all. I forgot to turn the app on my phone and didn't pay attention to the time at the finish line.

So I got my medal, my photo taken, and they handed up water bottles, powerade bottles, bananas, and a snack box.

I had a great time. After I found Jaime, we went back to our hotel, I ate everything that wasn't nailed down, got ready and against Jaime's idea of maybe taking a nap, we went to the park where I spent the rest of the day running around Launch Bay and riding Hyperspace Mountain. And by 2pm I guess I fell asleep at the table while eating lunch over at Paradise Pier. Go me!

I had a fun time running the 5K at Disneyland and I may have gotten Jaime to join me in signing up for the 10k Avengers marathon later this year! I am excited.

Have you guys signed up for any of the RunDisney marathons? Which ones are your favorites? How many have you done?

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