Loot Crate December 2015

It's February and I'm sharing my December Loot Crate box!! Haha... My box showed up during the week of Christmas and I just finally got around to opening it.

I had a on going sub with Loot Crate but decided to stop it when their Sept box was just meh and Funko announced the Smugglers Bounty box. I couldn't have that many subs and I made the choice to go with Funko because I knew I was always guaranteed a POP figure and it is Star Wars. 

Loot Crate announced their December box was a galaxy themed and that they would be having an exclusive Star Wars Funko.

So I just signed up for December and got my box! 

First off I got a ugly Christmas t-shirt. I don't know about you but I'm sick of the whole ugly sweater now t-shirt thing. It's a cool shirt in all of it's 8-bit glory but how many times am I going to wear this? Off to the sale pile it goes. 

Oh hey another Halo item! This time it's a Halo 5 ammo tin box. It's designed to look like the tins they use in the game. Also included was a code to redeem weapons and such. I don't play Halo 5 so this code will be up for grabs or I may sell it. 

So as I pulled the items out, I noticed something was missing. The Funko POP they promised. What the hell? Where is it? Did they put it in the tin? It fit in the tin?

Oh yea, the put it in the tin along with two more items.

A Galaxy Quest patch. A official replica Galaxy Quest patch. 

I got a pair of socks. A pair of awesome BB-8 socks! One can never have too many nerdy socks and Loot Crate sends the most awesome socks.

And here is the POP figure I so wanted. It's old man Han Solo in snow gear!! Aw yes!!! Funko did announce a wave 2 of Star Wars POP figures which include Han and Leia but I will be sticking with this one! I'm hoping this months Smugglers Bounty includes an exclusive General Leia. The theme is Resistance. Here's hoping!

And here you have it! My December Loot Crate! Did you get one? What did you think of the theme? Did you only get it for the Funko figure? 

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