Small Goals {FEBRUARY 2016}

Welp, January is now officially over and as I like to say, 2016 is in full swing. I'm hoping this month will be a bit slower for me but I have Geek Girl Brunch and a whole lot of visits to the Alamo Drafthouse. They just opened in San Francisco and have some awesome programming this month.

Since this a new month, it also means a new set of small goals! So how did I do with my goals for January? Let's find out!

January Goals:

  Read one book - This did not happen. I didn't even pick up one of the three I had already started. Instead I got a new book in the mail and I started reading it. I'm not even half way either. So I'm going to attempt this goal again this month. I love reading so I don't know know why this is hard for me to do. 

 Blog at least once a week - Woot!! I kept up with this one. They were mainly Funko Friday posts but I am a collector of Funko's and it's a part of my "lifestyle" so I went with it and frankly, there is nothing wrong with just doing theme posts. So hey! I completed one goal!!

 Do an unboxing video  - Okay, so I recorded an unboxing video. It was for my second Smugglers Bounty box. I edited it, I uploaded it, and it looks grainy and pink. WTF?? I don't know what happened. I used Windows Media Maker.. or something like that. It's free and it looks fine. It looked fine on my Canon Rebel. A few people saw it on mobile and it looks fine. (It's unlisted) For some reason on a laptop it looks bad. I'll probably say screw it and make it public and add it to the post. I worked hard on it and I'm not a perfect person.
 Run at least twice a week - Nope. I did run right up to the marathon and I completed the 5K without dying!! (read about it here) but the week after it was raining and I am not running in the rain. So yea, the last two weeks did not happen.

 Start putting money into a savings account - Nope BUT I did make and save a bit more then I thought I could and paid off two credit cards but yea, I didn't start that savings account. I did start a savings account for my Run to the Dark Side 2017 trip! Haha.. this girl is going to attempt the Kessel Run for DisneyRun!  So gotta focus on that money and that CC bill! 

Okay so that wasn't too bad... I managed two complete 2 of my 5 goals!! So how about them February goals!!

February Goals:

Read one book - Yup, gotta add it in here again. I am determined this month! lol

List more items on Mercari/Poshmark - I have more luck selling my nerdy/geeky items on Mercari so a bulk of my stuff will go there and I will add more of the "brand name" items on Poshmark. I need to stop being lazy and get on it! Less stuff. More money. (SORRY BUT I AM PLUGGING!! Sign up with poshmark using BLGIR and we both will get $10 bucks or sign up with Mercari using UKGBZD and we both get 2 bucks!) 

NO CLOTHES BUYING - This is going to be tough because there are so many cute things out there but yup, I need to lay off the clothes buying. I have way too much which is what made me want to start selling it in the first place. I was going to try no buying at all but I'm going to realistic and pick something specific. So no clothing this month and if I'm tempted, move the amount of money into RUN TO THE DARK SIDE fund. 

Drink a glass of water each day - I am terrible when it comes to water. I consume soda like it's water and I really need to fix that so for all of February, I'm going to make sure I have one glass a day minimum.

Start and complete my taxes - I have a tendency to wait until April to do them because in my head they are very simple. My W-2 and my school one. This way, I'm not scrambling last minute and I get my money a whole lot sooner.

Three of these goals focus on money but it's something that I need to do. I just need to get better with money and saving in general. Guys, I'm terrible when it comes to it. I spend like their is an endless supply. Speaking or in this case, writing about being a geek and spending money on collectibles, travel, conventions etc. and getting yourself in trouble could be a good thing to write about but for another time.

As I like to say: be good to me February, be good to me.

Did you create small goals last month? How did it go? How this month?

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