Monday, March 28, 2016

FUNKO Friday: How do you display your Funko?

My addiction grows and I have plans to go to rehab for it! Hahaha.... Anyways, it's Friday and that means another post of FUNKO Fridays brought to the internet by Pepi and Kimi!

Today's topic is How do you display your Funko and well, can I say every where in my room?

No? Okay.... so I have sort of a mixture of how I display my Funko's especially depending who they are. Right now I have four different areas. The rest are in a box in storage because of limited space. (The life of a collector) I also don't keep any of my Funko's in boxes. None. Zip. Zlich. They are free. Enough with that, let us begin!

Random shelf of Funko!

These guys were the first purchases I made and they lucked out. I used a spice rack from the Container Store to show case them. It's an expandable one so it fits nicely on the shelf and it's 3 tier so you can see all the ones I have.

Harley Quinn!

I collect everything and anything Harley Quinn and Funko's are on that list. I am missing a few; Valentine's Day Harley, Black & White Black Friday chase Harley, Metallic Harley, and Black & White Harley (a comic shop ex). My Funko's are on my Harley Quinn shelf with the rest of my items. Looking at this shelf makes me happy.


I am Star Wars Trash and I am not afraid to admit it. Star Wars is the bulk of my collection and what I do have at home is on my desk. My desk had built in shelf and wires to hold books up but I didn't add those bells and whistles. I just added a 3-tier spice rack and tada! Star Wars Funkos!

My favorite set is the Jabba Palace which I did manage to finally grab so yay!!

So there you have it!! This is how I display my Funko's. Nothing fancy or special. Just everywhere lol!!

So this never posted and well, better late than never!!


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