I have two jobs!

Oh hey there straight to the point title. Which is probably telling you dear reader that I have a second job.

I'm working five days week at this new spot but it's part time. I also start at 4am so "yay me" that I can get out of bed that early to start my day. So why did I get a second job? What is wrong with me?

I over spent.

Aw yes, the joys of wanting everything and traveling everywhere. I over spent. I'm not in dire need of help or anything. I am still swimming above water but I needed some more cash to help me get out of the pool much faster.

I'm also paying my student loans now since I didn't attend classes last semester nor did I get into any this semester. I made the mistake of attending HEALD and well, I owe a lot. Student loans are a whole other subject and technically, they aren't suppose to hurt me credit wise.

Hello there city I have never been too!

I have many trips planned this year. Seattle, NYC, Washington DC, San Diego, and of course my trips to Disneyland. I know what you are thinking .... "how about you just don't go?" and I could but my wanderlust is strong and I want to travel.

I also have my RUN TO THE DARKSIDE and Japan trips next year so even if I go no where this year and pay off what I owe, I won't have much for next year. I have a method to my madness.

It wasn't just traveling that got me into this bind. It's also the collector side of me. I collect a lot of things and I want a lot of things. Clothes, clothes is also a big thing especially now that I can get actual geek wear that is tailored for women. Fitting my actual weird body is an issue but I make it work.

Sailor Moon FUNKO POP! Come to mama!

I got myself into trouble by taking too many trips, buying too many things, and not paying my cards fast enough. It was always "Oh I'll pay the minimum and then the balance next paycheck." It was "So and so paid me for their share of the hotel. I'll use the cash for the next con and then pay it off on the next paycheck." My favorite of course was "So and so is going to this city? LET ME BOOK A LAST MINUTE PLANE TICKET!!!"

You could say poor life choices but guys, I'm having fun. I'm experiencing things. I've gone to Japan. I've gone to London. I've gone to Paris. I've been to Seattle. I petted deer and got head butted by one, I saw Moochi get made while I was in Nara. I stood in the middle of the Globe Theater. I walked through Norte Dame in Paris. I have been to 4 out of the now six Disney Parks.  I got to met my internet friends all through out my con travels.

Disneyland Paris I will see you again!

Was getting into credit card trouble worth it? Yes. Even as I sell a lot of my clothes and collectibles online, even as I get up at 3am to be at work from 4am-8am and then work from 8-5pm (both places are two blocks from each other!)  Monday to Friday, even as I don't have energy to want to do anything lately. I wouldn't change it for the world.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, this is my blog which is about my life. I share all the trips I have done and all the things I buy but I'm not going to sugar coat it, I screwed up and it has gotten me in trouble. I also am sharing this because if you are in the same boat as me, I just want you to know that it's okay.

Things happen and life happens. It's okay if you went on that trip you shouldn't have or bought that Hot Toys figure because it's the only way you're going to get "insert woman character" here because Hasbro/Disney doesn't make any. (Sorry I ranted there for a moment!)

Yes it is!

So I made the choice to find a second job. It took a lot of work because I was looking since November but I got  so lucky and found one that didn't mind if I worked less than four hours a day. One that doesn't mind that I'm still going to take days off to do things. But I'm working to fix this mess that I got myself into.

Will I learn from it.... eh I'm not going to lie, probably not but I will be much better at paying my credit card. None of this "everyone gave me cash for their share of the room. I shall use it in the dealer's room and transfer the money later" junk. It doesn't help and guys, why did I even do that? That was the bill for the hotel room! I should of just paid in cash those few times I pulled that!

So yea, you're not alone if you are in this situation. I won't judge you and if you need a support team, I'm there for you! We can do this!

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