Small Goals {MARCH 2016}

Folks we have stepped into the month of March. I AM NOT READY!!! I don't know why but once we hit March, it feels like the year has jumped into high speed now.

With that little intro I am back with another Small Goals posts. Of course let us start off with "Did Gladys accomplish anything for February?" part of this post.

February Goals:

Read one book - I completely and utter fail at this goal. I'm not even gonna bother.

List more items on Mercari/Poshmark - I listed nothing on Poshmark but I did manage to list like 5 things on Mercari. I did get some sales on Mercari and cleared out some things so that was great. Poshmark was a lot of "Do you still have this for sale?" I mean, come on!! It's an active listing. If it's active that means it is for sale PLEASE BUY IT!! Yea, it's been a lot of asking me if I am still selling it and then a lot of I will bundle but nothing. 

NO CLOTHES BUYING - I almost made it to the end of the month but cracked when we went into Hot Topic and they were having a buy one, get one free sale. They had both the Princess Leia and Darth Vader dress from her Universe so I had to. I got both for 45 with tax. But either way, I managed almost a month of not buying clothes. 

Drink a glass of water each day - Well, I started off great, got sick so I was drinking liters every day. I even cut soda out for a whole week but then I started my second job and even though I am still drinking water each day, I have been drinking two cans of soda. *sigh*

Start and complete my taxes - Done and Done! The money has even arrive and is set aside to be distributed to whoever I owe money too.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I completed 1 goal for the month of February.


I guess better than nothing. Just because I completed only one goal, this isn't going to stop me from making monthly goals. So with that written, here are my goals for March!

March Goals:

Discount everything on Poshmark - I decided I'm going to just mark everything down to 5 bucks on Poshmark and then close up shop at the end of the month. It doesn't matter if everything sells or not. I have better luck selling on Mercari. 

Finish the layout for Fushimi Inari-taisha in my travel book - I started scrapbooking my trip to Japan last year and I hit a road block with this particular set of photos. I need to stop avoiding it and just finish it so I can work on more photos. I will not jump around in this album. 

Clean out the DVR - Jaime and I both love watching @MIDNIGHT. The problem is we let the eps sit on our DVR and we have 2 months worth of them. Because of that the DVR complains if we let other shows sit there. I have 2 eps of THE FLASH and 4 of Jane the Virgin. Need to drop it down to 30% by the end. 

Update my blog layout - I've had this layout for a year and I've been wanting to change it since January. I have found some great free layouts I can use I just need to get around to testing them, finding the right one, and making it go live. 

EYE EXAM - It has been almost two years since my last one and I need to get on that STAT.

How was your February? Was it good to you? Have you decided on your goals for March yet?

Hope March is good to you and thanks for reading!

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