Disneyland Trip Star Wars Marathon Weekend 2016

I pretty much made it a fun filled weekend during the Star Wars Marathon. You can read about that adventure here. This has been my first visit since 24 hour day last year and my first time visiting since Season of the Force started. To say I was excited would be a vast understatement.

So much was going on in Tomorrowland. They add a new adventure in Star Tours. The old innovation building got a make over and the bottom floor is now known as Star Wars Launch Bay. There is a store, displays with vehicles, weapons, and costumes from the films, and greet and meets with Chewbacca and at the time, Darth Vader. He got switched out for Kylo Ren.

Tomorrowland Terrace has a Star Wars theme menu. Most of it is pretty good all things considering. At the time we only had the breakfast items, I had Bantha Blue Milk Bread. It was blue french toast and it was freaking amazing! Jaime had the Lars Family Breakfast Platter. It was eggs, potatoes, and bacon.

There's a new Jedi Academy show. The little ones can still train to be Jedi's but they changed it to include the events of Star Wars Rebels. I caught one of the showings while eating my Star Wars meals and I enjoyed it alot. The Seventh Sister is in it and that was really awesome to see.

Of course the one ride I was excited to ride was Hyperspace Mountain. They have taken Space Mountain and renamed and you are pretty much flying in space trying to avoid Imperial Tie Fighters while X-wing pilots try to take them down. It's such a fun and amazing ride. I mean, it still Space Mountain but with Star Wars added to it. It's only around for Season of the Force and I believe it's going on until May.

I know Disneyland is working on Star Wars land but I hope they add something equivalent to Hyperspace Mountain. I'm going to be sad when it goes away.

Jaime and I did ride other attractions like Big Thunder Railroad, Matterhorn Bob Sleds, and Indiana Jones The Temple of the Forbidden Eye but we spent most of our time in Tomorrowland. We only had 2 days in the park. I couldn't go in Saturday and we left Sunday.

We had such a blast and we actually went again for more Season of the Force fun.

Have you visited Disneyland for Season of the Force??? Are you enjoying it??? I want to go back!

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