Five Fandom Friday: Geeky Tattoos I Want Or Have

It has been a while since I joined in on a Five Fandom Friday! Curious to what it is? Head over to The Nerdy Girlie to read more about it and join in!

Today's topic is all about tattoos, geeky tattoos.

I have 5 tattoos total and three of them are geeky. I have plans for more but like with everything else in life, you need money to get tattoos. I have a tiny fund started for my Star Wars planned one. It's gonna be bigger then all the 5 I have gotten combined so I need to save for it.

So here are my three tattoos and two that I want to get!

1. Bullet Bill

I am a huge fan of Super Mario Bros and I love the bad guys. Boo, Dry Bones, Bullet Bill. I ended up picking Bullet Bill because I can not hold white for the life of me. That sadly cancelled Boo and Dry Bones out since they have a huge amount of white in them. I have him on my right arm and it didn't hurt at all.

I did make the mistake of drinking the night before my touch up and that was just one big mess. Don't do what I did. Don't drink before a tattoo. It's not pretty at all.

2. Space-Time key and Future Silver Crystal

I am a huge Sailor Moon nerd! HUGE!! It was fitting that my next geek tattoo would be something from Sailor Moon. I got the key and crystal from the manga and it's on the top of my left foot with a chain going around my ankle.

Guys, this one hurt like you have no idea. Getting tattoo on your foot is paaaaaaain. BUT don't let me stop you from getting one. If you got plans for a foot tattoo go for it.

3. Musical Notes

I have musical notes behind my right ear. I love music and I was itching for a new tattoo so I got notes done. You can't see them unless I have my hair up and you are right behind me. Sometimes I want tattoos that not everyone can see.

And because they are behind my ear, it's awkward to photograph so no picture!

There are two tattoos that I have planned next!

4. DL-44 heavy blaster pistol

I am a huge Han Solo fan and I wanted to be him when I was little. Well, a mix of him and Leia... Princess Smuggler! I have an idea of where I want it and what I want. I just need to find an artist I click with.

5. Cartoon Sleeve

The other tattoo I want is a cartoon arm sleeve. I'm taking this old school though. I want to add my favorite characters from the cartoon's I watched in the 80s. Lady Lovelylocks, Care Bears, My Little Pony, She-ra, maybe a GO-BOT! I have really skinny arms so there is a lack of space. I need to narrow down the characters I want to use.

So there you have it! My geeky tattoos. I'm also thinking about getting a tattoo while I'm in San Diego during SDCC but Emerald City Comic Con always end up having a tattoo booth in the dealer's room and I have always been tempted to get one while at the con. I just don't know why I never get around to getting one.

Time for me to run around and see everyone else's tattoos! Have a good one!

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