Project Life: 2016

I'm back with another Project Life spread! I'm still working on my Japan trip slowly but I'm also recording my adventures for 2016. It's a lot to keep track but I'm having fun. I work on it during my free time which is limited right now because of the two jobs and crazy hours I hold.

This is the title page for my 2016 album. The page protect was actually 12 x 12 but since I'm working with 9 x 12, I sliced this one to a little under 9". Both pictures were left over prints from our Disneyland trip. It works because Jaime and I are Disney nerds and this album is abut our adventures which included a lot of Disney!! 

The 20 and 16 cards were freebies from Give a Girl a Blog. I made them shiny by running them through the Heidi Swapp Minc Foil machine. The quote on the bottom right which reads "Sometimes I pretend to be normal but it gets boring & I go back to being me." I felt this describes me a lot. The printable card came from Peppermint Creative.

On the back of the layout is a 8ish" x 12" photo of this huge bow and arrow that's along the Embarcadero Water Front. It's once of my favorite things and I had to include in my book. I then proceeded to stamp HEY THERE, and was going to add San Francisco under it but I don't have enough space. I'm debating if I want to stamp out SAN FRAN or searching the internet for smaller letter stamps.

Or I could just print it out again and leave it blank now that I know it won't fit with the size stamps I have. 

My plan this year is to do weekly layouts. Some of them have been random photos from through out the week or a specific event that take up the page. I took a page out of Kelly Purkey book and start the week with a solo a photo of me and add a tag with the Sunday date of that week. My weeks are Sunday-Saturday.

For the first week of January I add a photo of myself in front of the huge Star Wars display from my local cinema because I was still in full on TFA mode. I stamped the date using a roller stamp and stapled the tag right onto the photo. I added photos from New Years Day which we spent at a friend's house. All faces blur just because I don't know how they feel about being on my blog! The top left corner photo was a random shot I took that week. I found a NES and R2-D2 spray painted on the sidewalk. The quote on the photo was stamped from a Studio Calico stamp. To finish off the page, I printed out the General Leia Star Wars movie poster and stapled a movie ticket on it. We took Lilli to see it on the 3rd. I keep my movie stubs and I love using them in my scrapbooks.

I have a random card with a gold 1 on it to showcase the date & start of the New Year but the more I keep looking at it, the more I am hating it. I'm probably going to switch it out for something else. I don't know yet.

I'm still getting a feel on how to photograph my Project Life spreads. I did these this time on a white table and pull them out of the page protectors so I wouldn't have the glare like I did the last time I posted some! I'm slowly figuring it out!

I'm planning on sharing my completed layouts of the Fushimi Inari Shrine visit soon. I'm proud of those pages.

What are you currently creating? 

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