Small Goals {APRIL 2016}

SPRING IS HERE!!! Not like it really matters in San Francisco. Right now it's been raining one day, the next day it's hot as all heck, and then end of the week we get fog and low 50s. 

And with a new month comes a blog post with a review and new set of goals!!

March Goals:

 Discount everything on Poshmark - I discounted things but during the last week of March so hey, half a point to Slytherin! 

Finish the layout for Fushimi Inari-taisha in my travel book - It took the entire month but I got it done!! I have plans to share the layouts I created soon as well as the actual photos of the trip. 

 Clean out the DVR - I don't think I was too specific with this goal but we went from 93% (Hey there We Bare Bears!) to 45%. 

 Update my blog layout - Nope. I started testing some of the free ones I found but nothing was catching my eye officially. 

 EYE EXAM - Completed and I have new glasses! Also, my eye sight did not change! Woot!

Woot!! 3.5 out of 5!! I'm considering the DVR one completed lol!!! And now on to my small goals for April!

April Goals:

 Pay off one credit card - In case you missed it, I have gotten myself a second job to help me out because of my collecting and travel habits. I have no regrets and this is the life I picked. Even though I have been paying off a bunch all of March, I need to focus on just one for April. I should have some dinner money left over so April, I'm paying just one. 

Get my phone looked at/fixed- I have no idea what is going on with my Samsung Galaxy but I need to stop being lazy and take it in to Sprint so they can look at it. I keep getting this stupid flash message about not being able to remove some reference. Also, something is draining my battery quickly and I can't figure it out. 

 Set up all of my April blog post in advance - This is more of pick a weekend day and work on scheduling blog posts. I didn't blog at all last month but that's because getting up at 3am and ending your work day at 5pm, you just want to sleep. I want to get some stuff written up for this month.  

 Run once a week - I stopped running AGAIN. So starting small, just running once a week even if it's just on a treadmill at the gym. 

Here we go April!! I am ready for you!! Are you ready??

Thanks for reading! 

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