Friday, May 6, 2016


In honor of Captain America CIVIL WAR being released today (YAY!!!) I'm sharing photos of the Marvel Collector Corps box. I was so excited for this box just because of the possible potential due to Captain America Civil War.

Would I be getting a Hawkeye? They left him out in the original line up. Will there a Vision? Scarlet Witch? A Steve and Bucky two pack? Ooo BLACK PANTHER??? FALCON?? Iron Man and War Machine?

Again, so much possiblity in this box....

Yea, nope. I didn't enjoy it. It felt like such a let down. In case you haven't seen it, let me show you!

Crossbones patch and Black Panther pin. I will say, the pins always, always end up flying around in the box. One day I'm going to end up NOT getting a pin. Anyways, I was stocked seeing that the pin was Black Panther. I'm all for more Black Panther merch and we need it. In terms of the patch, I wasn't to excited for it. I don't know much about Crossbones and without getting spoilery (I saw the movie last night) I don't care for his character.

We got a POP shirt!! It's half Captain America and Iron Man along with I'm assuming is Scarlet Witch and Falcon on Cap's side with Black Widow and Black Panther on Iron Man's side. Yay for more Widow and Scarlet Witch!!

The comic that was included was Black Panther #1 with POP drawings of Captain America and Black Panther. And of course another lanyard.

Now on to the POPs. Again, there is where I was hoping for something awesome. I knew Captain America had to be included since it is his film. So we got an Adorbz and it was

Tony Skank Stark

I don't collect Adorbz. I do have some because they have been showing up in the Collector Corps set but eh, okay Tony. Maybe I'll keep.

And I had heard rumors that the POP was a 2pk set. OOO was it going to be Captain America and Falcon, Cap and Bucky, Cap and Hawkeye, Cap and Scarlet Witch?


Personally, I'm not thrilled with the POPs this time around. There is already so many Captain America and Iron Man POPs that I was so hoping for someone else. Yes, please add Cap it is hsi movie but you gave me a Iron Man when you already made an adorbz? BLACK PANTHER!! FALCON!!! SCARLET WITCH!! BLACK WIDOW!! Those would of been a great POP figure to have and would of gotten more merch for these characters.

But alas, what can one do? I'm going to sell the Iron Man adorbz. The comic and patch as well. I'm keeping the Black Panther pin and I'm working my way through the emotions of keeping the 2pk or not.

I will say I AM FREAKING EXCITED FOR THE NEXT BOX!! Women of Power and I've seen Spider Gwen, Captain Marvel, She Hulk, and Squiral Girl in the ads. I can't wait!!

What were your thoughts on the Civil War box? Were you hoping for other characters in the film to be the POP exclusives? Were you happy with it all being about Captain America and Iron Man?

Have a great weekend!


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