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Review - Wonder Woman Lip gloss, Lipstick, and Lip Smacker!

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So let me start off with I am a make up newbie. Yup, I'm in the realm of "what is all this stuff and how do I wear it?" I never had anyone in my life be really into make up and 36 years later, still not really.

I love make up, I love seeing the looks people create, I love the colors but I am clueless. This is the year where I want to jump in and try to find myself in the make up world. This also means I want to review the stuff I get because let's face it, this is going to fun, terrible, and an awkward journey.

Now with that out of the way, I have a review for the lip gloss, lipstick, and Lip Smacker from the new Wonder Woman collection that was released this month!

You can find these items along with eyeshadows, bronzer, nail polish, eyeliner, and bags at your local Walgreens or I decided I wanted to try the lip items first and go from there.

First off I got the lip gloss set. This set included 3 tubes of lip gloss and retailed for $6.99.

There are different shades; a berry color, a hot pink, and a baby pink. The names for the glosses are pretty great too and kept with the Wonder Woman theme as well. I love the packing as well. The box art is amazing. It has a a comic vintage feel to it and the yellow, blues, and orange work really well.

Wonder Woman

Mighty Aphrodite

Athena's Kiss

I really liked the Wonder Woman gloss. It's a nice berry shade but I do not have swatches for you guys. I took the pictures and I spent a week staring at them and decided that they just weren't for me. I ended up selling them. Since I went with that choice, I didn't open them. I love lip gloss but the more I looked at Might Aphrodite and Athena's Kiss, I decided those pinks just weren't going to be something I would wear and to spend 7 bucks on one lip gloss is a lot.

Next we have a tin from Lip Smacker. I love Lip Smackers. I have their Minnie Tsum Tsum one and I was excited to also pick up this mini tin. It's a basic tin but so Wonder Woman. It smells really yummy. It's a nice shade of red and doesn't leave a tint on your lips. I love wearing it. And the name is great. One of my favorites!

Strawberry Empower-mint

The only issue I have with lip tins is the fact that I have to stick my finger in it. I'm thinking about getting a lip brush and using that so I'm not always jabbing my finger into the tin. That and when ones has long nails, getting the stuff under it.

And for the final item, the lipstick! It's red with a nice, simple image of Wonder Woman on it. She's even holding her lasso of truth. The package is really cute and that was what caught my eye actually. I hadn't seen photos of the lip color but I wanted the tube.


When I finally opened it, it was a dark shade of red. It's sort of the same color scale as the Wonder Woman lip gloss. I really liked the color and thought it would work on me. It's a twist lipstick and it's sturdy. I twisted it a few times quickly and it didn't break! (I had a friend who would break hers all the time so either she kept getting bad ones or she was She-Hulk!) I did a swatch on my hand to see the actual color and it so wasn't the deep red I thought it was.

Yea, it looks a bit more pinkish. I took this picture outside, in the sun, and it looks so different from the tube. It looks red in the tube but more pinkish on my hand. It's a nice pink but whoa, that's a difference from tube to skin.

It did not look good on me. I'm going spare you a photo of me wearing it but trust me, it looked bad. It looked like I had worn lipstick and decided to wipe it off with my hand or something. I mean, my lips didn't look tinted just faded. Like, I had worn it on the start of my day and never touched up. Clearly I'm not meant to wear this shade of pink. The lipstick glided on nicely, felt smooth and not sticky at all. It just not my color.

Not at all.

BUT overall, all three products are really amazing! If you missed out on the MAC x Wonder Woman collection because it sold out or you couldn't justify the prices (or not into make up at the time) this set is great! Especially since I've seen the MAC items go for double if you do find them now for sale.

Granted I didn't try on the lip gloss but from what I saw - the package and the tubes, they are worth getting especially at 6.99 for three colors. The lip stick cost 2.99 and I'm okay with not wearing it. I love the tube/packing. And the lip smacker tin was either 1.99 or 2.99!

So far my local Walgreen's haven't gotten the bags in and I really want to get one. I will find them.

What about you? Have you picked up anything from the collection? What's your favorite?


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