Project Life: Japan Trip 2015 Fushimi Inari Shrine

I'm back with another Project Life post! This time it's the photos of our visit to Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. I made a blog post about it which you can read here. Working on my album for the Japan trip has been a slow processes. I think I mentioned in my last Project Life post, I'm doing on day at a time in some kind of order so I don't get overwhelmed. It happend when I was working on my UK album back in 2014 that I haven't touched it in a year.

Also working with these photos, I hit a major roadblock because of the colors. I was trying to stay within the color range and I ran out of cards and ideas. But I finally finished it and it's been placed into the binder.

This is the first page and it's just the entrance of the shrine. The walkway with the lanterns was my favorite part and I love how that photo came out. I didn't want to make a huge title for the layouts so I wrote the name of the shrine on a 3x4 phot of us in photoshop and printed that out.

More photos of us in front and the steps of what to do before walking in. You have to cleanse yourself before stepping foot inside. I stamped the TODAY onto a project life card using stamps from Kelly Purkey. They are a bit on the expensive side but I love the design.

I created a card that talks about the Shrine and added a map of the entire shrine/trail that I grabbed online. I bought the instax printer and printed a photo I took on my phone onto instax film. The other photos are of me and Jaime walking the trail.

Not going to lie, I like using the printer more then the actual camera.

More photos of us walking the trail. There were stops through out where you could take a breather, buying some talismans, charms, prayer cards which you can leave at the shrine, and in the photo with Jaime you could light a candle for prayer. He did that in honor of his best friend Karen who lost her battle with cancer three-four years ago and never made it to Japan.

I made that "card" using scrapbooking paper and a wooded heart. I was struggling with what to put in there and I just eneded up creating that. I love that pattern paper so much.

The next page was all the green we came across as we walked the trails. It was beautiful. Also, there were so many statues of foxes which are very important and I made a card and included that info. As I mentioned in my post about the trip, after a while we got to the point where it became Spider forest.

Jaime and I ran away.

The final page was my lunch! We are such foodies and I love to document our adventures with food. You exited and got back to the bottom there were food stalls. We bought Takoyaki which I love so much and I tried quail for the first time. It was interesting and not something I probably eat again. Jaime finished it though!

And there you have my layouts for Fushimi Inari Shrine. This was an interesting layout to create but I had fun. I think the best thing about creating this scrapbook is I get to relive this trip all over again!

I'm also working on figuring out the best way to photograph my layouts. It's been an interesting project on my blog but I'm having fun figuring it out and of course sharing my work! I'm hoping to get better at this photographing thing again.

What have you been up to creative wise?

Thanks for reading!

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