SDCC Essentials!

SDCC Essentials!

SDCC Essentials! by usagimylene 

SDCC is almost here and I can't wait!! I get to be among fellow geeks, shopping, attending panels, events, and standing in long lines for hours! I get to be in sunny San Diego enjoying some sun but most of all, I get to be friends! Friends I haven't seen since last year!

It's going to be great!

I'm here today to share with you some of my SDCC essentials. It's another one of my favorite things to do for SDCC and that is to plan! I need to make sure I have everything with me so I'm not running around trying to find a store and buy it! That time could be spent with friends or trying to tackle a booth!

1. Reusable shopping bag - I always have a couple with me because you never know when you may need it. Backpacks, shoulder bags, cross body bags, what have you will get heavy and sometimes you need to shift some things around to make you more comftorable. A reusable bag comes in handy. I own the panda one in this photo and it's the cutest things ever. It's not that sturdy so shoving in a statue won't help but if I have snacks with me and want them out of my backpack, it works. 

2. BB-8 lanyard - I know we all sub to a lot of geeky boxes and they always comes with a lanyard so instead of rocking a generic one from SDCC (though thank you SDCC for giving them out) rock one that screams who you are! Or put that Loot Crate box full of lanyards to good use. 

3. Sun block - It's sunny San Diego and the sun will be out. It will be on full blast so make sure to have your sun block with you! I have sadly let myself be burn by the sun and it hurts the next day. You really don't want to be uncomfortable in your skin while at the con. Also, SKIN CANCER guys! Let's prevent the risk of that. Spray cans are my go to now because I can toss them into the side pocket of my back pack and I don't run the risk of a tube breaking open and getting goo every where. 

4. Water bottle - Sometimes water fountains are few and far while you are running around the con and a bottle from the carts inside can be almost 5 bucks! Bring your own water bottle so you have access to water and when you do run into a water fountain, fill her right up. Sorry Southern California folks but I don't like the way your water taste so I have one with a filter. 

5. Hand sanitizer - Folks, you are touching things that other folks are touching and let's be real, some folks still don't understand the concept of hygiene. Con crud is really folks so bring a bottle or two with you! This way if there is no bathroom near by, you can still clean your hands!

6. Backpack - I have learned that I need to bring a backpack. As much as I want to bring my tote bag or my crossbody bag, by the middle of the day one shoulder is hurting. A backpack makes my life much easier. 

7. Sketch book - Thanks to a few of my friends, I have started getting sketches at cons and I have added this to my list off must have items. I'm running out of wall space for the awesome prints I see so I started a sketch book. It's a nice size and I can show it off just as much as I can show off my prints. 

8. Poster tube - You will buy prints. You will get posters for free. You will be stuck carrying tons of paper. A poster tube will make life easier and keep those items as damaged free as possible. Also, most airlines will let you bring the poster tube on your flight as a part of your carry on. 

9. USB cord - My phone takes a micro USB and I have one at all times because you're phone will drain out. I have a retractable one because I love that I can make it short or as long as I need too!

10. Portable battery charger - I actually have three of them! 2 small ones from when I had an iphone 4 so that charge my Galaxy about half way and a nice brick that will give me 2.5 charges. Checking your phone for those text messages, tweets about giveaways, check in's on FB, phone calls, will take a toll on your phone and you don't want a dead battery by 2pm! My brick one has multiple USB plugs so I can not only charge my phone but another electronic like my 3DS or a friends phone. 

So there you have it, my list of SDCC essentials! What are some of the items on your essentials list? Is there something you think I should bring with me? 

Are you guys ready for SDCC?!?!!?

Disclaimer: If you click on the links and make a purchase from Amazon, I'll get a little kickback for it. Also, I don't own that exact battery charger but all my chargers have been random ones from Amazon and have been great!

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