Small Goals {June 2016}

I can't believe it's June already. Where has the time gone? I'm leaving on vacation next week to NYC and DC. I'm totally excited for this trip. I've never been to DC and this will be my second trip to NYC. I'm so hoping for lottery tickets to HAMILTON.

I'm here with my small goals for June. I didn't create any for May. May was such a tough month for me scheduling wise. My 3am wake ups got the best of me and I fell into this bottomless pit of going home and not talking to anyone or anything. I'm digging myself out of it now so here's hoping for some good times.

So let me review my April goals!

April Goals:

 Pay off one credit card - I actually managed to pay off two and still have some money for this trip. I am so proud!

Get my phone looked at/fixed- Nope. I really should try to get this done before I leave.  

 Set up all of my April blog post in advance - Did . Not . Happen . 

 Run once a week - I ran about three times so I got somewhere lol

I like having goals. They help me make a to do list but it's a list where I won't feel bad if it didn't get completed. And with that, here are my June goals!

June Goals:

 Write at least two articles for Agents of Geek - I became Editor and then I got my second job and nothing. I need to get my film reviews up!

Get my phone looked at/fixed- Let's try this again!

 Visit Nintendo World while in NYC - Hey, that can totally be a goal! I'm excited to be able to visit the store! I gotta remember to bring my Nintendo DS too! And speaking of DS

  Check into my Animal Crossing game - Yea, I haven't played Animal Crossing in three months. My town is going to be so mad at me. 

Clearly we know where my priories are right now but this is why they are small goals. Simple things and nothing that will go bust if I don't get to them. 

Any awesome plans for the month of June? How are your goals going? 

Have a great weekend!!

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