Funko Marvel Collector Corps Year One Box and I Hate It!

It's been a while since I've done any kind of unboxing of my Collector Corps boxes and I figured what better way to jump back in then with an unboxing post of the Collector Corps Year One box. 

Spoiler ahoy, you have been warned. 

Let me start out first by saying I hate this box. I am so disapointted in it. They made such a big deal about it and can we talk about that price tag? $125 BEFORE taxes and shipping. I felt like I got ripped off. 

Before I go further into my rant, let me show you what I got. Again, last call for spoilers!

Just like every box, you got a patch and a pin. I am a fan of the patch and pins but really? What the hell am I going to do with two things that say Year One? Yes, I know it's a year one box and I don't think I need a patch that says it. At least they could of put a character on it or something. 

Inside the box was a card that showed off everything that was sent for the first year. I got excited because I thought we would be getting things that would revolve around the first year characters (though I am sick of Ant Man and anything Captain America / Iron Man in these boxes) 

Oh. I got 2 dorbz, a hat that is crushed due to packing, those giant ugly Hikari figure, and one POP figure. Just one? Really? A box that boosts about having POPs and you only give me one in the year one box?

Let's take a look at each one.

First we have a Funko hat which from the card sounds like this a new thing for them. I also got my Smugglers Bounty box and that one had a hat as well. *sigh* I'm not much of a hat person and I hate snapbacks but I understand you can't do fitted because of sizing but okay, I can live with this. The Groot patch is cute. They could of packed it better though. 

And we have another Ant Man item. This time it is a Dorbz figure. Now don't get me wrong, I think they are cute but I'm not collecting them and I am not paying a ton of money for these boxes to get Dorbz. I'm in it for the POP figures.

He's getting sold.

It's a She-Hulk dorbz. I'm keeping her. Mainly because Jaime is a HUGE fan of She-Hulk and Collector Corps really needs to start adding more Women characters into their boxes. Year one only saw Thor and the second year had more but only because they did a Women of Power box.

I need more women, Collector Corps.

I'm not even going to talk about this ugly thing. There are some folks out there that like the Hikari's but I don't. They are ugly and overpriced. Again, I'm here for the POP! not Hikari's. And I think this is the reason that the box was 125 because they figures range between 80-100 bucks. 

And we finally get to the POP figure! I run the risk of getting ones that I may not like, it's a given but this entire box was one big huge let down ESPECIALLY FOR THE PRICE. (Yes, capslock was needed.) The Hobgoblin POP is a repaint of the Green Goblin one, just included the glider.

Overall this box was not worth the money I paid for. They made such a big deal about it, such a fan fare that I was so excited. I guess I build it up in my head to be something awesome and it wasn't.

Though, I am being told that the Hobgoblin is racking in a lot of money so I may be able to recoup my cost but I'm hoping to sell the entire package and not just him.

I really hope year one for Smugglers Bounty is better than this and I hope Collector Corps year two gets an upgrade.


Did you order the year one box? What were your thoughts on it? Do you mind getting other figures besides the POP ones in your box?

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