FUNKO FRIDAY: SDCC Exclusives That I Need

Funko Friday has returned and I completely swiped this theme from Barb. It's a perfect theme considering that San Diego Comic Con is next week (OMG) and I have a LOT of SDCC Funko wants on my list.

POP Funko Rides Vanellope

I'm picky when it comes to the other lines from Funko but Vanellope is such a cute character and I adore her. I own her one and only POP figure and I want this one.

Star Wars Thumbs Up BB-8

I love the Star Wars droids especially BB-8. I still say it's not a thumbs up.

Star Wars Han Solo with Bowcaster

Han Solo getting to finally use the bowcaster was one of my favorite moments in TFA. And I will collect anything Han Solo

Nightmare Before Christmas PJ Jack

I'm a huge fan of NBC but Jaime takes the cake. This is one of my favorite moments in the film and it's rare for Jaime to really, really want a POP figure. He needs to come home and join the other Jack ones we have.

Indiana Jones

FINALLY A INDIANA JONES POP FIGURE!!! But why is it an exclusive?

Cowboy Deadpool

I actually have this one as an Adorbz figure from the Collector Corps box and really like him as a POP. He's not on the top of my MUST GRAB HIM list because they make so many freakign Deadpools and like I said, I have it as an Adorbz. If he lands on my lap, I won't say no,

Now all but one has been unofficially confirmed to be in stores on Thursday so if this is true I won't have to sleep out on the sidewalk to get into the con to possibly get a ticket, and have to wait for that time to roll around. Last year, all my wants were in store expect for unmasked Bounty Hunter Leia (That was so mean) and Inside Out Anger with flame.

So wish me luck that I can score of these guys!! What's on your FUNKO SDCC list??

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