Small Goals {JULY 2016}

Guys, I'm tired. I am so tired. I hit four months working two jobs with my day starting at 3am but I've been paying things off and have a lot more money saved for SDCC so yea!! I also should really, REALLY buy my plane/bus tickets to So Cal like soon.

You guys, it's July! We have made it through the first half of the year. There is 2 weeks before Comic Con and about a week before my other vacation starts. Disneyland, Universal Studios, Comic Con! I'm also volunterring this year over at the Her Universe Fashion! I'm totally excited about that!

And with that, let us see how I did with my June goals!

June Goals:

 Write at least two articles for Agents of Geek - I ended up writing way more and I'm proud. 
Get my phone looked at/fixed- NOPE

 Visit Nintendo World while in NYC - I did!! I got to visit and I spent way too much money.

  Check into my Animal Crossing game - NOPE

Not bad, not bad at all. I had an amazing time in NYC and I really want to share about that trip on the blog. I'm still working through Japan and man, I forgot to get the photos Jaime took when we attended ECCC. So much to share! I think I'm going to make that one of my July goals!

July Goals:

 Blog about Emerald City Comic Con - It's never too late to share your con adventures! 
Get my phone looked at/fixed- Oh yea, I'm trying this AGAIN! LOL

 Clean up my desk at home - I mainly use my desk to scrapbook and it exploded with pieces of paper. A lot of scraps. So much paper.  

  Finish my Star Wars theme denim vest - This is something I want to finish up and have for SDCC so I need to hop to it! 

How was your June? Accomplished the things you wanted to do? How's July looking? Are you going to SDCC? Are you ready?

I'm so excited I can't wait!!

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