Collector Corps Spider-Man Unboxing

I got my Collector Corps Spider-Man box and figured I'd  share what was inside even though you may have seen unboxing of it already.

Real talk: I'm once again disappointed with Collector Corps. They went with the same idea as Deadpool where they made the entire box about one character. Deadpool was fine because he had a movie coming out though I wish they had put in Negasonic or Angel Dust but to do it again in the same year is feeling like a cop out to me. 

They once again included a hat! A HAT!! I know I complained about lanyards but subbing to both Collector Corps and Smugglers Bounty and then getting that sad excuse of a year one box, three boxes in a row had hats. I know it's a new product they want to promote but come on! Enough with that hats. Also, the Spider-man jumping pose is almost exactly the same as the Deadpool one except he had katanas. Exactly the same. 

I felt like they wasted such a good oppertunity to show case other Spider-Man characters. I feel like Collector Corps should be a box where fans can get those secondary characters in POP form. Spider-Man stuff is everywhere. Why not a Mary Jane? Gwen Stacy (not in costume)? Peter Parker with camera? Another baddie that isn't Green Goblin? Collector Corps is not being worth the money for me and depending how the Doctor Strange box turns out, I may not renew. I'll just pick up boxes that I want at whatever comic conventions they end up attending. 

But enough of my rant, lets get to the pictures!

As always a pin and patch come with the box! Also, this is the first time where the pin isn't rattling around in the box. I really wished they would come up with something better to hold it.

The hat and comic. Sorry for the glare on the comic and pin. I'm going to try and sell the box and I don't want to rip anything open. I don't mind hats, I have a small collection but they need to spread out the hats in boxes. Especially for those that sub to both Marvel and Star Wars. The patch on the hat is adorable though.

They had a Fabrikations this time. I don't like them at all so getting one in my box was disappointing. It's showing as a Collector Corps exclusive but I don't see a difference on what makes it an exclusive. Just the box? I doubt they won't be releasing him in the stores. 

And here we have the Funko POP of Spider-Man. Now, I have stated before that this is all a game of chance. You won't like every thing all the time. It has happened. The Villains box, I knew nothing of that POP character. I went ahead and sold it. No biggie. My thing is here is that they didn't try with the pose. They just didn't. At least the Civil War Spider-Man had Captain America's shield so I don't mind him (that and to get Hawkeye, I had to buy the pack with him) but he's doing the same jumping pose as Deadpool. Also, as I stuck the plastic holder into him he started slouching and falling off. So he doesn't even pose well. 

As I read back on my post, all it feels like me complaining about plastic. But you know what, I dropped almost 150+ for these boxes, I feel like I'm entitled too! It's one thing if I didn't like / know the character like Morbius from the Villains box but it's another thing when the box just feels lazy - Year One and Spider-Man.

It could also be that I'm still coming down from that disappointment high of the Year One Box that it has effected my mood for Spider-Man. Who knows.

What about you? What are your thoughts on the Spider-Man box? Did you love it? Like it? Thought it was okay? Feel disappointment like me? Let's talk about this box!!

SALE ANNOUNCEMENT: I am selling the entire Spider-Man box for 35 shipped which is at cost and shipping. I'm also selling the Year One box (minus She-Hulk) for 100 shipped. Contact me if you want to buy it!


DIY Star Wars Denim Vest: I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board.

It has been a while since I've done some DIY with clothes. I finally created something and I am so excited to share!

I am loving denim vests but I only own one. They are everywhere but I think I'm picky about the design, I don't know. One day I was at a store and I came across a denim vest which on the rack looked really good. I went over to get it and when I pulled it off I noticed it had patches, two on the front and one long one the back, of red flannel.

Yea nope.

As you can see in the pictures, they just looked weird. I dunno but it was also on sale for 5 bucks so I walked out with it thinking it could be easy to rip off at the seams and add my own fabric. A few months later a project that involved some Star Wars fabric didn't work out, I remembered about my vest and went to work with the left over fabric.

I cut out the flannel because I didn't think I could seam rip it because it looked like they had sewn around the holes to keep it from fraying. After I ripped out the fabric, I saw it was two different threads so I sat down and took them out.

Because I currently do not have a sewing machine, I went with my trusty fabric glue and glued the Star Wars fabric onto the denim. 24 hours later and they were stuck!! I had plans to add the Smuggler Bounty patches onto my vest in time for SDCC but they didn't look like they were iron on ones so I didn't add them but I wore the vest as is on Wednesday and it all held together.

Silly me though as it turned out they were iron able! After a few trials and errors I got them to stick onto the denim. The Greedo one only had half the patch stuck to the denim. I had to put the iron on top of it directly. I was using a towel to protect the patch. The rest of it came together eventually.

I am so happy with the way this vest turned out and I can't wait to wear it! I loved it as is with just the fabric but I adore it even more with the patches now. I'm gonna keep adding them as I get the boxes. While I was at Disneyland, I bought the Rogue One pin and added it. I think I may add more Star Wars pins to it as well. Not sure if it will be the ones from Smugglers Bounty or just what's in my general collection.

Have you created anything lately? Is there something you're working on? Something you want to make? Let me know! I love seeing what other folks create, clothes or otherwise.

Have a great day everyone!!


Review: Con*Quest Journals

I'm all about preserving my memories in one form or another. I'll print out my photos, add a bit of story, and decorate it. It gets photos off my camera /laptop and I can show off my adventures. And because I journal in them (for the most part) I'll remember the story years later.

I scrapbook my life and that includes all the conventions I am so lucky enough to attend. I'm not sure how or where exactly but I heard about Con*Quest Journals and when I read what it was about, I got very intrigued. It was pretty much another form of scrapbooking, in my eyes anyways, but it was made exclusively with the con goer in mind. Con*Quest Journals was exhibiting at one of the cons I attend - Emerald City Comicon, and I bought the Companion's Journal.

I absolutely love it and I just had to share it with you guys!! So I'm here with a review and a lot of photos!!

The journal I picked up is their Companion's Journal which is based off of River Song's book in the awesome series Doctor Who. It's a nice TARDIS blue - as I like to call it - with Gallifreyan writing or at least that's what it looks like to me. The journal is very sturdy and so far, it hasn't bent or broken any where. I've thrown it into my backpack, purse, rolling bag, and it is holding up!! The binder is 10 x 12 but it won't fit any pages at that size or larger.

It is a three ring metal binder and the rings are holding up very well. I'll sometimes come across some rings that eventually wear out quickly and they no longer close tightly or will bend a bit. I can't have a gap in between the claws! As you can see above in the first picture, the rings do leave dents in the actual binder but it's nothing major. It's in the same spot and so far it hasn't torn into it. I'm okay with those dents. And if it does start bothering me, there is always washi tape!

The binder comes with 10 double sided printed pages that revolve around the theme of journal you buy. They have a total of 5 fandom inspired journals and their original Con*Quest one. The above photo shows you an example of what the pages are. There are pages for you to get autographs, place photographs of your cosplay or your favorite cosplays that you saw at the con, a place where you can write down notes, quotes, anything you want to remember from that awesome panel you attended. There are also blank pages for you to use however you want. Maybe you can get you can your favorite artist to draw you something, glue down some memorabilia that you collected, anything you want.

The pages are printed on a very nice, sturdy cardstock. It's not glossy and it seems to hold sharpie's, ball point, and some gel inks just fine. I use the fast drying gel inks. It's listed on their site that the pages are acid free which is a great plus in my book. I like my stuff to be acid free so as to prolong the life of my pictures/memories.

Also included is 2 full page plastic sleeves which comes in handy for you to protect all those photo op photos you just paid for. Let's be real, those photo ops are NOT cheap and you wouldn't want to accidentally fold up one of the photos you got. I'm accident prone so it has happened to me before.

You also get a sheet of business card holder so you have a place to put all those cards you get from either vendors, bloggers, artists, etc. I always ended up with them everywhere and when I actually need the information I can't find it.

I love my Con*Quest Journal and so glad this is something that got created! You collect so many things at conventions - all of them are worth something and are such great memories of the fun times you had.

I bought mine at Emerald City Comicon this year but I actually bought  it for something else in mind.
Instead of protecting my con memories in this particular journal, I'm scrapbooking my trip to the Doctor Who Experience back in 2013. We took a trip to London and we managed by luck to be able to visit Cardiff for a few days and got to check out the Experience. I do Project Life which is like pocket scrapbooking. Using my trusty fuse tool, I can resize those pesky 12 x 12 pocket pages to make them fit the Companion Journal and I can store my photos and extra stuff like those Doctor Who stamps in the binder.

Overall, if you are the type to want to protect your memories and want an awesome fandom journal/binder, Con*Quest journal is your go to protector. And I'll be sure to share photos of my Doctor Who Experience / Cardiff trip once completed!

I'm really excited for it.

You can pick up your own journal at Con*Quest Journals or follow them on twitter to see their convention schedule!

Do you have a Con*Quest Journal? Which one did you get? What do you have protecting?

Disclaimer: I purchased this binder with my own money and thoughts are my own. It gets two thumbs up from me!


Unearthed From My Closet: Someone has to save our skins. Into the garbage chute, fly boy.

I took an entire week off for SDCC and I spent two days at Disneyland before con madness. Travis mentioned we should Disneybound as our favorite Star Wars characters and hence, Star Wars Trash Day was born.

If you haven't noticed, Princess Leia is my absolute favorite character and I started brain storming some outfit ideas. I came across a really awesome LEIA tee while on Instagram and I decided to buy it and work my outfit around it. I went with all white because of her Senate dress from Star Wars A New Hope! Once I got the skirt though, it was a bit more ivory color than white but I loved it either way.

Skirt: Charlotte Russe N/A but similar
Sandals: Forever21 N/A but similar

I love this outfit that I put together. I felt adorable if that's a thing that can be felt. Like, I'll dress up and think I look good but there was something about this outfit that had me going, "I am damn cute!" Real talk, sometimes I second guess myself /outfits like I mentioned in the Avengers OOTD post and it's something I'm working on - being all confident - but I just loved this outfit. I loved how I looked, how I wore my hair, and how much fun I had running around Disneyland as Leia.

I wanted to get photos with Kylo Ren but we ran out of time! I'll be back in November so I may wear it again.

On a random note, did you know that Blue Wall is a thing over at Disney California? I did not! There's a hashtag and even an account! Haha...

I had a great time running around Disneyland with Jaime and showing Travis around! This was his first official visit. We got some great photos that I will share soon!!

I miss Disneyland guys. I may need a trip before November!


MONSTRESS Signing at Comix Experience

Last month after SDCC, I went to a comic book signing at Comix Experience, a local comic shop. The signing was with MONSTRESS creators Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda.

I bought the hardcover convention exclusive of MONSTRESS at the Image booth while I was at SDCC but I missed their signing twice. They had one at the Image booth but I didn't realize it was ticketed. There was another booth hosting them and I didn't make it to that one either. Luckily as I was catching up on Twitter, I saw they were touring the Bay Area and got lucky they were hitting up a local shop.

Squirrel Girl! They had an awesome window display!

The signing started at 5pm so I rushed over right after work. I was scared that there would be a long line and I wouldn't make it in time. That sense of SDCC was still with me... capped lines. I made my way there and the line wasn't bad!! Yay me!! I brought along my hardcover of MONSTRESS and my issue 11 of X-23. Marjorie Liu was writing her solo issue and Sana Takenda came in to do the art for a few of them. It was also the run where Wolverine, Jubilee, and Gambit appeared with X-23.

While I was the shop, I picked up the first issue of Han Solo which Liu is writing and I got an issue of MONSTRESS for them both to sign. I have a collection of signed comics framed. Even though I'm in that space that I need to wait for graphics, I will buy an issue or two for autographs.

The line went smooth and the wait wasn't terrible at all. They let a few folks in at a time so not to crowd the store. I got in and waited a bit more. As I stood there, I saw these awesome cut outs on the wall which I thought was awesome! I think they used these in their Fight like a Girl window once. It was finally my turn and I chatted about getting the book, how I'm liking it, and something else. Sana Takeda drew a little something in the hard cover and they signed both my book, solo issue, and X-23. Marjorie Liu also signed my Han Solo.

They were also giving away a small gift, a coaster or a set of book marks. I went with the coaster which they both signed. That one is going in my scrapbook with the photo I got taken with them.

It was a long but fun day! I had to work both jobs and then went right after work. It was totally worth it and now I need to buy some frames for these issues!

I find it a bit funny that instead of getting the autographs I wanted at SDCC, it happened in my home city.

Are you guys reading Monstress? What are your thoughts on it? How about the Han Solo mini series? I need to start that one!

Thanks for reading!


Unearthed From My Closet: Sith Gains Understanding Through Power

JCPenney apparently carries WeLoveFine items and they were having an awesome sale. It was so awesome that I ordered the Darth Vader bodycon skirt. Bodycon dresses and skirts scare me. I don't have the confidence to pull off that style of clothing but what was the point in buying it if I wasn't going to wear it. I did wear a dress but had it layered with a maxi skirt. I made a post about it here.

I wore the skirt with a black tank top that I randomly found at a thrift store. Since it's officially freezing again in San Francisco and I am a real life gecko, I wore sweater tights. Probably a fashion no no with bodycon skirts but I don't care.

I also wore one of my favorite necklaces, Death Star from FEMMECRAFT and my favorite ankle boots from Sketchers.

Earlier in the week I had my hair braided and I when I finally taken the braids out. HELLO 80s CRIMPED HAIR!

You better believe I loved it!

Outfit Details

Black tank top: Thrift shop (similar here)
Darth Vader bodycon skirt: JCPenney
Ankle Boots: Sketchers 
Death Star necklace: FEMMECRAFT

I really love the design on this skirt. It's one of my favorites and I love anything Star Wars. Like y'all haven't noticed!! Also, I don't remember why I even wore this outfit, that's how long I've been sitting on these photos. I really miss that hair guys.

Have a good day!


Small Goals {August 2016}

Happy August!! I can't believe it's August already, It's just crazy to me how fast this year as gone by. It feels like I haven't had time to do everything yet, I'm always busy. And speaking of busy let's review my July goals and see how I did!


July Goals:
 Blog about Emerald City Comic Con - I'm still behind on these posts.  
Get my phone looked at/fixed- I went a step beyond and got a whole new phone!

 Clean up my desk at home - I cleaned it!!! And I trashed it when I got back from SDCC

  Finish my Star Wars theme denim vest - It was going to be finished but I think the Smuggler Bounty patches aren't iron on....? I didn't want to risk it but I know have an extra Boba Fett one so I'm gonna test it!

Not bad for what was a very busy month. Here is my August goals!

August Goals:

 Start on my Cardiff/Doctor Who Experience scrapbook - I need to take a break from Japan and I've been sitting on these photos since 2013. I bought the Companion's Journal from Con*Quest to use and I can't wait. 
Write up my movie reviews for AOG - I got a few movies that I need to watch and review for AOG. My goal is to get two up on the site.  

  Have two blog posts a week - I need to stop being lazy and get back to posting! I keep saying I am so tired but really, that's an excuse that needs to stop. I made the choice to spend money like water and I made the choice to work a 4am job. I can't let the rest of my things fall away. 

I only have three goals this month and I think it works. They are small goals so this is perfect. I'm really loving writing up tiny goals because I feel like I'm tackling things and I don't feel terrible if I miss the mark, like with New Year resolutions. Also posting these will be fun to look at later this year.

Oh god, It's already August guys. Where is the time going?!?!!

May the force be with you!


Princess Leia Sketch Collection

With Con season over for me, I want to share the sketches I have collected in my Princess Leia sketch book. I got idea from Barb. She was showing off her new sketches while she was at C2E2 I believe. I asked about it and she made a post which you can read here.

Since I'm out of wall space for art/prints and I've been trying to cut back on buying toys expect for POPs, (okay this plan went out the window during SDCC) I thought this was a great idea. I could have a book of sketches and they would be drawings specifically for me.

On Barb's recommendation I bought myself the Moleskine Art plus Watercolor book. I got the 5 x 8.25 size which has been pretty great so far. It's great for different mediums that artists use. I've had folks use markers, watercolors, crayons, pencils,

Now one to the sketches!! This first batch I picked up at Emerald City Comicon!

This one was a a sketch on a 3.5 card that The Ninjabot sent me with an order I placed. I glued into my book using acid free glue.

And these last three I got a San Diego Comic Con!

I love my sketches. Please excuse the watermarks but I've gotten a few photos taken and used for something else. One of my charm photos was used to advertise a monthly box. Hopefully they don't distract from the photo.

The artist I got sketches from were Terry Dodson, Katie Cook, Art Baltazar, Cara McGee, The Ninjabot, Naomi Romero, Raina Telgemeier, and Arielle Jovellanos. I found them all in the artist alley of the cons I went too! Some I knew about and some I discovered while I was walking up and down. The sketches all range from free to under $100 and have been worth every penny.

Keep in mind the more work/color, the more the sketch will cost. Sometimes a color piece will be a bit less then what they are asking because of the size of my book. Sometimes it won't matter. In the end it's up to you and what you are willing to spend but trust me, no matter the price I have loved every single sketch so far.

I'll ask the artist if they would be willing to draw Leia and let them run with it. Like Barb recommended, let them go with what they want to create/draw. The only direction I may give them is if I want a specific Leia, like the Hoth Leia that Katie Cook drew or Bespin Leia from Arnel Baluyot / The Ninjabot.

I also took another idea from Barb and have a whatever goes sketch book. I've gotten other characters in that book like Jubilee and Louise Belcher. I'm going to share those in another post.

I love sharing the work I've gotten and I love seeing folks other commissions. If you have any to share, let me know!!

Thanks for reading!
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