Funko Marvel's Collector Corps Spider-Man Unboxing

I got my Collector Corps Spider-Man box and figured I'd  share what was inside even though you may have seen unboxing of it already.

Real talk: I'm once again disappointed with Collector Corps. They went with the same idea as Deadpool where they made the entire box about one character. Deadpool was fine because he had a movie coming out though I wish they had put in Negasonic or Angel Dust but to do it again in the same year is feeling like a cop out to me. 

They once again included a hat! A HAT!! I know I complained about lanyards but subbing to both Collector Corps and Smugglers Bounty and then getting that sad excuse of a year one box, three boxes in a row had hats. I know it's a new product they want to promote but come on! Enough with that hats. Also, the Spider-man jumping pose is almost exactly the same as the Deadpool one except he had katanas. Exactly the same. 

I felt like they wasted such a good oppertunity to show case other Spider-Man characters. I feel like Collector Corps should be a box where fans can get those secondary characters in POP form. Spider-Man stuff is everywhere. Why not a Mary Jane? Gwen Stacy (not in costume)? Peter Parker with camera? Another baddie that isn't Green Goblin? Collector Corps is not being worth the money for me and depending how the Doctor Strange box turns out, I may not renew. I'll just pick up boxes that I want at whatever comic conventions they end up attending. 

But enough of my rant, lets get to the pictures!

As always a pin and patch come with the box! Also, this is the first time where the pin isn't rattling around in the box. I really wished they would come up with something better to hold it.

The hat and comic. Sorry for the glare on the comic and pin. I'm going to try and sell the box and I don't want to rip anything open. I don't mind hats, I have a small collection but they need to spread out the hats in boxes. Especially for those that sub to both Marvel and Star Wars. The patch on the hat is adorable though.

They had a Fabrikations this time. I don't like them at all so getting one in my box was disappointing. It's showing as a Collector Corps exclusive but I don't see a difference on what makes it an exclusive. Just the box? I doubt they won't be releasing him in the stores. 

And here we have the Funko POP of Spider-Man. Now, I have stated before that this is all a game of chance. You won't like every thing all the time. It has happened. The Villains box, I knew nothing of that POP character. I went ahead and sold it. No biggie. My thing is here is that they didn't try with the pose. They just didn't. At least the Civil War Spider-Man had Captain America's shield so I don't mind him (that and to get Hawkeye, I had to buy the pack with him) but he's doing the same jumping pose as Deadpool. Also, as I stuck the plastic holder into him he started slouching and falling off. So he doesn't even pose well. 

As I read back on my post, all it feels like me complaining about plastic. But you know what, I dropped almost 150+ for these boxes, I feel like I'm entitled too! It's one thing if I didn't like / know the character like Morbius from the Villains box but it's another thing when the box just feels lazy - Year One and Spider-Man.

It could also be that I'm still coming down from that disappointment high of the Year One Box that it has effected my mood for Spider-Man. Who knows.

What about you? What are your thoughts on the Spider-Man box? Did you love it? Like it? Thought it was okay? Feel disappointment like me? Let's talk about this box!!

SALE ANNOUNCEMENT: I am selling the entire Spider-Man box for 35 shipped which is at cost and shipping. I'm also selling the Year One box (minus She-Hulk) for 100 shipped. Contact me if you want to buy it!

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