MONSTRESS Signing at Comix Experience

Last month after SDCC, I went to a comic book signing at Comix Experience, a local comic shop. The signing was with MONSTRESS creators Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda.

I bought the hardcover convention exclusive of MONSTRESS at the Image booth while I was at SDCC but I missed their signing twice. They had one at the Image booth but I didn't realize it was ticketed. There was another booth hosting them and I didn't make it to that one either. Luckily as I was catching up on Twitter, I saw they were touring the Bay Area and got lucky they were hitting up a local shop.

Squirrel Girl! They had an awesome window display!

The signing started at 5pm so I rushed over right after work. I was scared that there would be a long line and I wouldn't make it in time. That sense of SDCC was still with me... capped lines. I made my way there and the line wasn't bad!! Yay me!! I brought along my hardcover of MONSTRESS and my issue 11 of X-23. Marjorie Liu was writing her solo issue and Sana Takenda came in to do the art for a few of them. It was also the run where Wolverine, Jubilee, and Gambit appeared with X-23.

While I was the shop, I picked up the first issue of Han Solo which Liu is writing and I got an issue of MONSTRESS for them both to sign. I have a collection of signed comics framed. Even though I'm in that space that I need to wait for graphics, I will buy an issue or two for autographs.

The line went smooth and the wait wasn't terrible at all. They let a few folks in at a time so not to crowd the store. I got in and waited a bit more. As I stood there, I saw these awesome cut outs on the wall which I thought was awesome! I think they used these in their Fight like a Girl window once. It was finally my turn and I chatted about getting the book, how I'm liking it, and something else. Sana Takeda drew a little something in the hard cover and they signed both my book, solo issue, and X-23. Marjorie Liu also signed my Han Solo.

They were also giving away a small gift, a coaster or a set of book marks. I went with the coaster which they both signed. That one is going in my scrapbook with the photo I got taken with them.

It was a long but fun day! I had to work both jobs and then went right after work. It was totally worth it and now I need to buy some frames for these issues!

I find it a bit funny that instead of getting the autographs I wanted at SDCC, it happened in my home city.

Are you guys reading Monstress? What are your thoughts on it? How about the Han Solo mini series? I need to start that one!

Thanks for reading!

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