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I'm all about preserving my memories in one form or another. I'll print out my photos, add a bit of story, and decorate it. It gets photos off my camera /laptop and I can show off my adventures. And because I journal in them (for the most part) I'll remember the story years later.

I scrapbook my life and that includes all the conventions I am so lucky enough to attend. I'm not sure how or where exactly but I heard about Con*Quest Journals and when I read what it was about, I got very intrigued. It was pretty much another form of scrapbooking, in my eyes anyways, but it was made exclusively with the con goer in mind. Con*Quest Journals was exhibiting at one of the cons I attend - Emerald City Comicon, and I bought the Companion's Journal.

I absolutely love it and I just had to share it with you guys!! So I'm here with a review and a lot of photos!!

The journal I picked up is their Companion's Journal which is based off of River Song's book in the awesome series Doctor Who. It's a nice TARDIS blue - as I like to call it - with Gallifreyan writing or at least that's what it looks like to me. The journal is very sturdy and so far, it hasn't bent or broken any where. I've thrown it into my backpack, purse, rolling bag, and it is holding up!! The binder is 10 x 12 but it won't fit any pages at that size or larger.

It is a three ring metal binder and the rings are holding up very well. I'll sometimes come across some rings that eventually wear out quickly and they no longer close tightly or will bend a bit. I can't have a gap in between the claws! As you can see above in the first picture, the rings do leave dents in the actual binder but it's nothing major. It's in the same spot and so far it hasn't torn into it. I'm okay with those dents. And if it does start bothering me, there is always washi tape!

The binder comes with 10 double sided printed pages that revolve around the theme of journal you buy. They have a total of 5 fandom inspired journals and their original Con*Quest one. The above photo shows you an example of what the pages are. There are pages for you to get autographs, place photographs of your cosplay or your favorite cosplays that you saw at the con, a place where you can write down notes, quotes, anything you want to remember from that awesome panel you attended. There are also blank pages for you to use however you want. Maybe you can get you can your favorite artist to draw you something, glue down some memorabilia that you collected, anything you want.

The pages are printed on a very nice, sturdy cardstock. It's not glossy and it seems to hold sharpie's, ball point, and some gel inks just fine. I use the fast drying gel inks. It's listed on their site that the pages are acid free which is a great plus in my book. I like my stuff to be acid free so as to prolong the life of my pictures/memories.

Also included is 2 full page plastic sleeves which comes in handy for you to protect all those photo op photos you just paid for. Let's be real, those photo ops are NOT cheap and you wouldn't want to accidentally fold up one of the photos you got. I'm accident prone so it has happened to me before.

You also get a sheet of business card holder so you have a place to put all those cards you get from either vendors, bloggers, artists, etc. I always ended up with them everywhere and when I actually need the information I can't find it.

I love my Con*Quest Journal and so glad this is something that got created! You collect so many things at conventions - all of them are worth something and are such great memories of the fun times you had.

I bought mine at Emerald City Comicon this year but I actually bought  it for something else in mind.
Instead of protecting my con memories in this particular journal, I'm scrapbooking my trip to the Doctor Who Experience back in 2013. We took a trip to London and we managed by luck to be able to visit Cardiff for a few days and got to check out the Experience. I do Project Life which is like pocket scrapbooking. Using my trusty fuse tool, I can resize those pesky 12 x 12 pocket pages to make them fit the Companion Journal and I can store my photos and extra stuff like those Doctor Who stamps in the binder.

Overall, if you are the type to want to protect your memories and want an awesome fandom journal/binder, Con*Quest journal is your go to protector. And I'll be sure to share photos of my Doctor Who Experience / Cardiff trip once completed!

I'm really excited for it.

You can pick up your own journal at Con*Quest Journals or follow them on twitter to see their convention schedule!

Do you have a Con*Quest Journal? Which one did you get? What do you have protecting?

Disclaimer: I purchased this binder with my own money and thoughts are my own. It gets two thumbs up from me!

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