Small Goals {August 2016}

Happy August!! I can't believe it's August already, It's just crazy to me how fast this year as gone by. It feels like I haven't had time to do everything yet, I'm always busy. And speaking of busy let's review my July goals and see how I did!


July Goals:

 Blog about Emerald City Comic Con - I'm still behind on these posts.  
Get my phone looked at/fixed- I went a step beyond and got a whole new phone!

 Clean up my desk at home - I cleaned it!!! And I trashed it when I got back from SDCC

  Finish my Star Wars theme denim vest - It was going to be finished but I think the Smuggler Bounty patches aren't iron on....? I didn't want to risk it but I know have an extra Boba Fett one so I'm gonna test it!

Not bad for what was a very busy month. Here is my August goals!

August Goals:

 Start on my Cardiff/Doctor Who Experience scrapbook - I need to take a break from Japan and I've been sitting on these photos since 2013. I bought the Companion's Journal from Con*Quest to use and I can't wait. 
Write up my movie reviews for AOG - I got a few movies that I need to watch and review for AOG. My goal is to get two up on the site.  

  Have two blog posts a week - I need to stop being lazy and get back to posting! I keep saying I am so tired but really, that's an excuse that needs to stop. I made the choice to spend money like water and I made the choice to work a 4am job. I can't let the rest of my things fall away. 

I only have three goals this month and I think it works. They are small goals so this is perfect. I'm really loving writing up tiny goals because I feel like I'm tackling things and I don't feel terrible if I miss the mark, like with New Year resolutions. Also posting these will be fun to look at later this year.

Oh god, It's already August guys. Where is the time going?!?!!

May the force be with you!

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