Unearthed From My Closet: Forever A LOAN!!

I owe a Tanuki a shit ton of bells.
I love all the Animal Crossing games even though they get boring at times because let's be real, there is only so many times you want to log on and catch fish. BUT I'm in the midst of trying to collecting all the Animal Crossing Amiibo cards and I can't wait for the new update for New leaf coming this fall.

I found the shirt at the Nintendo World store in NYC during my vacation and I just had to get it. It spoke to me on so many levels - owing Nook money and owing the federal government student loans.

Forever a Loan guys, forever a loan.

I wore the shirt at PAX and tried my hand at the whole shorts and tights thing. San Francisco only has one week worth of summer, which is what we are hitting up now and I only seem to visit Seattle during the cold / raining months. I bought these shorts and I want to wear them so I grabbed me some sweater tights and I also added a white collar! I just discovered the joys of detachable collars and I own one in white and black already!

I rocked it if I do so say myself.

Animal Crossing / Forever a Loan shirt: Amazon
Detachable Collar: Wish App (Similar Amazon)
Denim Shorts: Target
Sweater Tights: Amazon

PAX was an awesome time and I'll be back with photos to share!!


Japan Trip 2015: Nara Park

One of the other places we went to visit during our trip was Nara and more specifically, Nara Park. This park is open to the public and is where over a thousand wild Sika Deer roam and you can feed them. Nara was very accessible from Osaka. We took the JR Train and I think it was for sure less than an hour ride.

Nara is such a beautiful place and there was a lot of other things we got to do and see but I'm going to talk about the deer park!

Getting to feed wild deer was such an awesome experience. I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't a tad bit scared of them. I didn't know how they would act around me knowing I had food and then when I didn't have any. I did hear horror stories of folks getting headbutted and bit when the deer felt like they were getting ignored which is what happened to a friend. She went another day and said that the deer bit her right on the stomach. It didn't draw blood but she had a nasty bruise.

There are carts all around the trail of the park that sells deer crackers for under 200 Yen. That's what they would like for you to feed the deer. I bought a pack and not two seconds after I was handed them, I had a group of deer around me. They are all over the park and on the trail walking, playing, sitting, and for the most part leave you along but they know when you have the food.

The two I was feeding would bow at me has a I broke a piece of cracker and held it out to them. I thought I was seeing things but when they finished eating, it would start bowing at me for more.

After a while, it got a bit overwhelming for me and I tried to make it seem like I didn't have any more crackers and I got headbutted by a couple of them. I finally tossed the crackers to Jaime and they followed right over to him. 

I had one little guy stay, headbutted me, bowed, and nipped my shirt but when he finally realized I had no more he made his way to someone else.

Nara park also had a temple that you eventually reach following the trail. You can just spend all day here and there is still so much more to see. It was just beautiful and we took so many pictures. It was getting late and we had to get back to Osaka but we stopped to get myself a green tea ice cream and we also got to see the end of fresh mochi being made. I bought some and it was amazing!

The only problem with walking the trail and all the deer is you will be stepping in a lot of crap. So if you plan on visiting, don't wear anything that drags. Haha.. if it wasn't deer crap it was just plain old mud since we went in October and it was raining in Nara.

I can't wait to go back and see more of Nara!


Unearthed From My Closet: Just beware, collecting (Olympic) pins can be kinda addictive.

Say it again random girl in The Simpsons episode. LOL

She's right though, collecting pins is really addicting. I mean, I've been collecting Disney pins for a long time but those just ended up in the Disney pin bag we bought. I slowly started collecting the Skottie Young Marvel ones but I really hit the high note when I started seeing pins on Instagram. The ones that called me back to my childhood.

Hat: Goorin Bros (smiliar here)
Denim Jacket: Thrifted
Black Maxi Dress: Old Navy (similar here)
Boots: Dr. Martens (Sold Out)
Tote Bag: Tokidoki (Sold Out)

Last month I found out about a pin pop up shop from the GirlPinGang IG account that was happening at Mission Comics and Arts in the city. Local artists were selling their pins and I wanted to check it out. I looked through their shops, made a list, and was ready!

I also got to see one of my faves, Nina from Le Fancy Geek for a bit!

A Skywalker Tradtion: Punch it Chewie Press
Crystal Pepsi: Patti Lapel
AOL Loading Screen: Patti Lapel
Witch McNugget: hopesick
The Goonies Blockbuster Video: Patti Lapel
McPails: hopesick
NO: joviellety
Ghoulie: Cavity Colors

Prior to that I had already ordered some pins and started to put them on a denim jacket I thrifted.

I also finally got to wear my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Doc Martens too!

I took these outfit photos before I got to the pin pop up but I have since added those purchases! I do need to buy locking backs for the pins so I don't lose them off the jacket. That would make me sad.


Unearthed From My Closet: Stop Taking My Hand!

My friend was celebrating her birthday at a steampunk inspired? theme? Gin bar. I'm not a gin person but I wasn't going to miss her birthday celebration so Jaime & I opted to have dinner and drinks at a restaurant near by before making our way over to hang out.

I decided to wear a dress and went right for my Galactic Scavenger dress  from Elhoffer Design. I ordered it from her etsy store and have only worn it once at SDCC which was followed by FAILURE. Nothing that had to do with her dress but me giving myself heat exhaustion and having to get out of it.

This dress is amazing! It's so soft, so comfortable, and it has POCKETS!!There are pockets in this dress and that brings me joy! The dress is based off Rey's 2nd outfit in The Force Awakens which I just adore. When I first saw it on screen, I told myself that I want that outfit. When Catherine Elhoffer designed it and was able to get a factory run of the dress, I jumped on it and pre-ordered it.

I paired it with a brown belt and boots, trying to match what Rey wore in the film. I also used my Rey backpack from Loungefly that I picked up at SDCC. I also wore my Star Wars charms from Kay Jewels, ThinkGeek, and Ani & Alex!

It was a fun night celebrating my friend's birthday and I felt like such a bad ass in this dress!!

I also attempted to make a gif of the photos Jaime took of me as I spun in my dress. I love it when dresses let me twirl in them. This was my first attempt in over a decade!! Not bad with the GIF making!!


Small Goals {September 2016}

It's September! One more month till Halloween BUT I'm starting my celebration now until the end of the year. Oh wow, writing and reading that has made me realized that it's almost the end of 2016. Where has it gone?

And what that possibly depressing thought, let's review my August goals!

August Goals:

 Start on my Cardiff/Doctor Who Experience scrapbook - Started and got a good chunk completed! I noticed I'm missing some pictures so I gotta search and print them out!

Write up my movie reviews for AOG - I'm in the middle of typing the last one up but I'm so happy I got these knocked out!

 Have two blog posts a week - With the exception of last week, I kept up with this one! Yay!! 

As I sat down and started thinking, "what do I want to accomplish in September?" I was also having the eternal money battle that happens after every con. Our flight was delayed coming back home from Seattle/PAX West so I had time to sit and think both money and small goals. I came up with one goal and this is a big one for me. 

September Goals:

 NO SPEND SEPTEMBER - Yup! No Spend September is in effect. What this means that unless I need it to live (FOOD), I'm not spending anything. I will pay off more bills, put in money that I owe back into savings, return things I haven't used/still have a receipt for, pretty much September will be my refuel month and get back on track. 

I've seen people do No Spend *insert specific thing here* on social media and I decided to just not spend. If I feel the need to buy something, I'm just gonna add up what it could of cost and transfer that money into savings. Haha... 

The good news is that I have both my Halloween Horror Nights and Disneyland Super Heroes RunDisney trips planned which I paid for up front! So no worries about having to pay for something this month! 

Let the no spending games begin!

Have you put yourself on a spending freeze? How did it go? Did everything you ever want pop up on sale and mock you? Did you find yourself no spending anything after that? Let's talk!
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