Thursday, September 15, 2016

I'm going back to Japan, Japan, Japan

Shibuya Crossing

Welp, there went adulting....

So in case you didn't read, I'm going back to Japan. Was this the best adult decision I made this month? 

 Oh bloody hell no but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

We had plans to visit Philippines and Japan next summer with Jaime's family but they were talking about taking a month off. My job is pretty cool when it comes to asking for the time but once you start leaning into weeks, things seem to fall apart. 

I was searching for tickets to visit my mother this Thanksgiving when I decided to randomly start poking around to get a look at average pricing for Philippines in the summer. I ended up searching Japan - Osaka to be precise and I saw that for March tickets were under $600. My head started to spin. I did notice one for under 500 total RT but it had 2 stops in China. 

Thus began our back and forth for a bit. We looked at hotels because sometimes you get great airfare but hotels are killer. We actually looked on airbnb and someone was offering their place for 22 a night! After fees, it was about $302 total for two weeks. 

The other deciding factor was the pricing of a con trip. As we were going back and forth, Jaime said that we wouldn't be able to go to Seattle / ECCC and at first I was sad but then I started adding up the costs of TWO 4 day passes - I think for 2016 they were a little over 100 because we had to get a 3 day pass and then a one day pass.

Just wanted to say for 2017, ECCC axed the 3 day option and only have 4 day at $110. You miss out on that and you are looking at paying $50 JUST FOR SATURDAY. You buy all individual days and it's $150 each person!

The flight to Seattle can range between 130 -250 each depending on airlines and a sale. Flight and con passes were already going to add up to 700. Less  if we found a sale.

Have you been to a con and booked a hotel? Even with con rates they aren't cheap when splitting with two. Our hotel for PAX for 3 nights alone with taxes was $647. Guys, that alone was one of the RT tickets to Japan.

I booked our trip. 

I laughed about it for a bit that I'm willing to drop that much for a con but we had to sit and think about Japan. Normally you think "OMG INTERNATIONAL TRIP TOO MUCH MONEY" but it really was about the cost of getting ourselves to a con. 

Either way, ECCC passes were going up for sale in October and I would have to start looking for airfare and jumping on hotel. Since the math came out to be a little bit the same why was I having second thoughts about doing this trip? Was it because I would be putting the entire amount on my credit card NOW unlike booking for ECCC which I could spread it out? Is it because we just got back from PAX? I went to SDCC and had no qualms about booking for PAX as I paid off SDCC. So why was it that hard? 

The adult in me popped out for a split second but then I heard DO IT. Of course this means I have to work at the second job a bit longer but it's going to totally worth it. 

I have already managed over the weekend to "MUSCLE. MUSCLE. HUSTLE. HUSTLE."* and sell some stuff on Mercari. I'm about 85 bucks away of having our AirBnB totally paid for!! 


*Quote from an anime I'm currently obsessed with. 


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