Small Goals {September 2016}

It's September! One more month till Halloween BUT I'm starting my celebration now until the end of the year. Oh wow, writing and reading that has made me realized that it's almost the end of 2016. Where has it gone?

And what that possibly depressing thought, let's review my August goals!

August Goals:

 Start on my Cardiff/Doctor Who Experience scrapbook - Started and got a good chunk completed! I noticed I'm missing some pictures so I gotta search and print them out!

Write up my movie reviews for AOG - I'm in the middle of typing the last one up but I'm so happy I got these knocked out!

 Have two blog posts a week - With the exception of last week, I kept up with this one! Yay!! 

As I sat down and started thinking, "what do I want to accomplish in September?" I was also having the eternal money battle that happens after every con. Our flight was delayed coming back home from Seattle/PAX West so I had time to sit and think both money and small goals. I came up with one goal and this is a big one for me. 

September Goals:

 NO SPEND SEPTEMBER - Yup! No Spend September is in effect. What this means that unless I need it to live (FOOD), I'm not spending anything. I will pay off more bills, put in money that I owe back into savings, return things I haven't used/still have a receipt for, pretty much September will be my refuel month and get back on track. 

I've seen people do No Spend *insert specific thing here* on social media and I decided to just not spend. If I feel the need to buy something, I'm just gonna add up what it could of cost and transfer that money into savings. Haha... 

The good news is that I have both my Halloween Horror Nights and Disneyland Super Heroes RunDisney trips planned which I paid for up front! So no worries about having to pay for something this month! 

Let the no spending games begin!

Have you put yourself on a spending freeze? How did it go? Did everything you ever want pop up on sale and mock you? Did you find yourself no spending anything after that? Let's talk!

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