Unearthed From My Closet: Forever A LOAN!!

I owe a Tanuki a shit ton of bells.
I love all the Animal Crossing games even though they get boring at times because let's be real, there is only so many times you want to log on and catch fish. BUT I'm in the midst of trying to collecting all the Animal Crossing Amiibo cards and I can't wait for the new update for New leaf coming this fall.

I found the shirt at the Nintendo World store in NYC during my vacation and I just had to get it. It spoke to me on so many levels - owing Nook money and owing the federal government student loans.

Forever a Loan guys, forever a loan.

I wore the shirt at PAX and tried my hand at the whole shorts and tights thing. San Francisco only has one week worth of summer, which is what we are hitting up now and I only seem to visit Seattle during the cold / raining months. I bought these shorts and I want to wear them so I grabbed me some sweater tights and I also added a white collar! I just discovered the joys of detachable collars and I own one in white and black already!

I rocked it if I do so say myself.

Animal Crossing / Forever a Loan shirt: Amazon
Detachable Collar: Wish App (Similar Amazon)
Denim Shorts: Target
Sweater Tights: Amazon

PAX was an awesome time and I'll be back with photos to share!!

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