Unearthed From My Closet: Just beware, collecting (Olympic) pins can be kinda addictive.

Say it again random girl in The Simpsons episode. LOL

She's right though, collecting pins is really addicting. I mean, I've been collecting Disney pins for a long time but those just ended up in the Disney pin bag we bought. I slowly started collecting the Skottie Young Marvel ones but I really hit the high note when I started seeing pins on Instagram. The ones that called me back to my childhood.

Hat: Goorin Bros (smiliar here)
Denim Jacket: Thrifted
Black Maxi Dress: Old Navy (similar here)
Boots: Dr. Martens (Sold Out)
Tote Bag: Tokidoki (Sold Out)

Last month I found out about a pin pop up shop from the GirlPinGang IG account that was happening at Mission Comics and Arts in the city. Local artists were selling their pins and I wanted to check it out. I looked through their shops, made a list, and was ready!

I also got to see one of my faves, Nina from Le Fancy Geek for a bit!

A Skywalker Tradtion: Punch it Chewie Press
Crystal Pepsi: Patti Lapel
AOL Loading Screen: Patti Lapel
Witch McNugget: hopesick
The Goonies Blockbuster Video: Patti Lapel
McPails: hopesick
NO: joviellety
Ghoulie: Cavity Colors

Prior to that I had already ordered some pins and started to put them on a denim jacket I thrifted.

I also finally got to wear my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Doc Martens too!

I took these outfit photos before I got to the pin pop up but I have since added those purchases! I do need to buy locking backs for the pins so I don't lose them off the jacket. That would make me sad.

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