Unearthed From My Closet: Stop Taking My Hand!

My friend was celebrating her birthday at a steampunk inspired? theme? Gin bar. I'm not a gin person but I wasn't going to miss her birthday celebration so Jaime & I opted to have dinner and drinks at a restaurant near by before making our way over to hang out.

I decided to wear a dress and went right for my Galactic Scavenger dress  from Elhoffer Design. I ordered it from her etsy store and have only worn it once at SDCC which was followed by FAILURE. Nothing that had to do with her dress but me giving myself heat exhaustion and having to get out of it.

This dress is amazing! It's so soft, so comfortable, and it has POCKETS!!There are pockets in this dress and that brings me joy! The dress is based off Rey's 2nd outfit in The Force Awakens which I just adore. When I first saw it on screen, I told myself that I want that outfit. When Catherine Elhoffer designed it and was able to get a factory run of the dress, I jumped on it and pre-ordered it.

I paired it with a brown belt and boots, trying to match what Rey wore in the film. I also used my Rey backpack from Loungefly that I picked up at SDCC. I also wore my Star Wars charms from Kay Jewels, ThinkGeek, and Ani & Alex!

It was a fun night celebrating my friend's birthday and I felt like such a bad ass in this dress!!

I also attempted to make a gif of the photos Jaime took of me as I spun in my dress. I love it when dresses let me twirl in them. This was my first attempt in over a decade!! Not bad with the GIF making!!

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