Halloween Horror Nights 2016

Back at the end of September, Jaime and I went to Universal Studios for their Halloween Horror Nights. This is the third year I've gone. We didn't go last year but we did go to the Horror Nights in Japan and that was amazing (post coming soon).

The first maze we went to was Krampus which was based on the film that was released last year. I really love the film and was excited for this maze.

It did not disappoint. The house both out and in were just like in the movie and I was excited to see the outside and Krampus right on the roof. We awesome got some awesome presents from the delivery guy who wonders around outside. You need to give him the word of the day to get them.

My favorite part of the maze was of course being in the kitchen with the gingerbread cookies and the living room. The living room was amazing and scared the living crap out of me. The entire maze was exactly like the movie and we loved it.

The next maze was the Freddy vs Jason one and OMG I couldn't wait to go in. I'm such a Freddy fan and love the films (Dream Warriors for the win!) I am probaly one of the few that did enjoy the Freddy v Jason film so yea, being excited for this one was an understatement.

The maze gives you a glimpse of both their "lives" and takes parts from their films - both alone and together. According to Jaime I was more so jumpy in this maze then I have ever been in the past few years we have gone. Well yes, I had both Freddy and Jason pop out of no where in a hallway and started slashing at me. Of course I'm going to scream and jump away. This one was another favorite of mine and if the lines hadn't gotten terrible by the end of the night, I would of ran in again.

Since Krampus and Freddy vs Jason were in the lower lot, they also had American Horror Story so we decided to go to that one before heading back upstairs for the rest of the mazes. This was their first year at Horror Nights and they were taking elements from House, Freak Show, and Hotel. At the time I hadn't seen Hotel so I was worried that I wouldn't get some of the stuff from that season.

AHS was not my favorite at all. I was right about Hotel, I didn't get any of it sadly. I did finally binge watch it and loved the season so I am bummed that I missed out on the scares of it. Also, I'm not sure if it was the way we were grouped in or their sets but the timing was way off. As we walked in, we either caught the glimpse of what was happening so we didn't get scared or they way the characters walked out, we saw them so it was like "Oh clown jumping out at me." I saw you coming mister.

I will say, the two guys who were behind us were talking all tough about going in and by the time we got inside they asked Jaime if they could walk with us and I had to ask them nicely to stop tugging on my backpack. I thought one of them was going to yank it down and me with it. They loved it though and were heading off to Freddy V Jason next. We told them good luck.

We are actually use to having folks ask if they can walk with us or kinda just tag along and I did have one year where a guy in front of us took his wife AND me down with him in the AvP maze. And it was a hard fall. Of course as we were all down, Predator and Alien were above us trying to claw at us.


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We took a break, got some water, food, and made our way up to the other mazes. We were going to hit up Halloween first since it was on our way to food but we decided to go to the Terror Tram since the line was shorter and they shut that one down first.

Big mistake.

I had high hopes for Terror Tram since it was a team up with Eli Roth and it involved clowns. CLOWNS. I hate clowns and I was hoping for some good scare. It was so ill timed when they would take the guests up, that it was crowded. It was hard to walk through and with so many people I couldn't see what was going on with the clowns. Also, it was a re-hash of an older 3D clown maze that it took the fun out of it. I get it, it's expensive to create and you want to reuse the stuff you already have but they didn't change a lot of it at all.

Also a few actors looked so bored that it just took me out of it. Also getting back on the tram was such a crap show that I was just annoyed by the time we got dropped off. We went to get some snacks because food makes me better.

Terror Tram was terrible and a waste of our time. Pfft..

After some dinosaur snacks at the Jurassic Park restaurant, we headed off to the Halloween maze. I sadly didn't get a picture because this line was moving so fast there was no time to snap a photo but it was the Michael Myer's house!

This was another fun maze... and guys, it had moments from Halloween 3. I love you HHN for including that. It was all mainly from the first two films but there was one section that paid homage to Halloween 3 and that was great. I didn't learn to appreciate that film until I was older.

The Exorcist was next and OMG I have feeling about that maze. It was just like the movie. The one were she was crawling down the stairs always got me and ugh, in the maze was no exception.

And Regan spits at you. SHE SPITS AT YOU WAS YOU WALK THROUGH HER BEDROOM. Not cool guys, And the smells that radiate from that entire maze. Guys, your nose will hate you. At first we though the group in front of had bad body order. Nope, that was all Regan.

Love this maze.

The final maze of the night was The Texas Chainsaw and by the time we got into the maze, we were already so over and done with it. The maze was set up inside the Waterworld attraction. So the line wrapped around the sitting area of the show. I'm not sure who had the bright idea but because they didn't want people messing around in the seats, they had the line start behind them and would send a but at a time across them and into the maze. It made such a back up and I swear this was the slowest moving line out of them all AND at the time it was the shortest wait time according to the app.

We finally go in and it was okay. Not as bad at AHS but it wasn't scary. Again, maybe it was the timing for us when we got in but it felt like they were all just set up to yell at us and slice some meat. That was it. It had some gross moments - meat locker anyone? - but it wasn't enough to make me jump, yell, or scratch the crap out of Jaime's arm.

But this place has smells as well and they were disgusting. Ugh, good job guys! The gross factory was there all right.

We also did the Walking Dead maze which is now an actual attraction. I had already gone through it this summer with Travis and it sounded like it would be a bit different during Horror Nights but it wasn't. Jaime got to experience it so that was cool but since I had already gone through it, I knew what was happening and where.

I will say, I hope they do change up the maze because otherwise, I'm not going to bother to go every time I do visit the park. It's one thing when it's a ride - it's another when it's a maze. At least that's how I feel.

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Over all, a great, scary time was had. Not all mazes will win me over but I think this year was great... just two we didn't enjoy. Even though Texas Chainsaw didn't scare me, it still had the gross factor.

I wish I could go again but there's always next year!

Have ya'll gone to Horror Nights? What has been your favorite maze? Which maze would you like to see?

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