Sketch Collection Part Two

Earlier I shared my collection of Princess Leia sketches from different artist during my con trips this year. I also took from Barb the idea of having another sketch book for all the other characters I love. I'm here to show off that collection. Again, I have added a watermark just to keep folks from trying to steal my photos. Hope it doesn't take away from the sketches!!

The photo above is of Louise from Bob's Burgers drawn by Franco (Tiny Titans). I love his work on Tiny Titans and every time I see him at a con, he draws my favorite characters in tiny form. He doesn't charge for sketches but I always buy something from them when I do!

This was a sketch of me done in crayon. I asked for purple since it's my favorite color. This cost me a whole dollar and it was the best thing I have ever spent a dollar on!! The artist was Todd Webb.

I went back to Franco on another day and asked for a Tiny Han to go with my Tiny Leia and he was happy to draw me one. Part of me wants to actually rip them out and frame them but NO ROOM!

Jubilee!!! I love Jubilee so much and feel like Marvel as just shafted her in the last few years. This one was drawn by Art Baltzar. He's the other artist / writer on Tiny Titans. I love that he went with the original outfit.

I was lucky enough to score another comission from Cara McGee and this time I got a punk Jubilee. This idea actually came from Joie during Sherlock Con! Cara McGee was vending and we were all chatting about her Punk Avengers collection when Joie mentioned about Jubilee. I had to do it and with her saying take the idea and Cara loving it, I got it in my book!

On the last day of SDCC (which is where I got all of these sketches) I was cosplaying as Linda from Bob's Burgers when a vendor asked for my photo. He afterwards told me that one of the artists of the comic and series was near by. I stopped by, got my comic sign, and he was nice enough to draw me a quick sketch of Linda! So lucky!!!

So there you have my other sketch book. It's been fun collecting sketches and I can't wait to do it again once con season starts up for me! I won't be at Emerald City Comicon next year but I'm hoping to make it to C2E2!!! I just need to figure out my hotel situation. Maybe Airbnb??

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