Small Goals {October 2016}

This is it gang. We are in the final stretch of the year. Halloween is here, Thanksgiving will give me four days off in a row, and Christmas. It also means that San Francisco hit their summer phase for a week and it's even cooler. Oh, how I can't wait for the rain. 

So of course with a new month comes a new set of small goals and a look back on last months! 

September Goals:

 NO SPEND SEPTEMBER - I'm gonna say I almost had this until ELHOFFER Designs released the Rey knit vest and I pre ordered it. It was the last week of September when it happened but I did three weeks of only spending on food and actual needed items like Shampoo and toilet paper. I'm going to attempt this again but gonna wait for the new year. 

In case you missed my Small Goals September post, this was the one and only goal for the month. It was a big goal for me personally so I decided not to add other things to it. I bought something that was not food or needed at the end of the month* but I think I did well for myself!

And I paid off two of my credit cards so there is that!

* I did book a trip to Japan which could be part of the NOT NEEDED list but I'm not counting it because it's one of those rare chances of going and I have to... for so many reasons.

October Goals:

 Up the running to three days a week - My RunDisney 10K is almost here so I gotta up the running. This is my first 10K so it will be very interesting. 

Trimming the bangs - My bangs are impairing my vision now so I really need to stop avoiding it and get to a salon. I tried it the last time at home and nope, not happening again.

 Clean the kitchen - Working the two jobs, I don't really cook and my kitchen has turned into a closet. I really need to clean off the table and chairs of random stuff that ends up there. It's right by the apartment door so empty bags, mail, and other odds and ends. I need to get some kind of order!

 Book Tokyo Hotel - We need to sit down and narrow where in Tokyo we want to stay at. We are mainly staying in Osaka but we do want to spend 2 days (day three will be at Disneyland) in Tokyo. Gotta sleep somewhere!

October is going to be a great month, I can feel it. What about you? What are some of your goals for the month?

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