Unearthed From My Closet: And That's The Long & Short Of It

Sometimes a girl just wants to wear a t-shirt and jeans.

I don't automatically sub to Loot Wear; I gotta be picky but when they announced their August theme and what was included, I ended up picking up two of their "crates."

I picked up the Loot Wearable because it was an Archer theme one and they did not disappoint! I have rediscovered my love for Baseball tees and love the fit and style of the Archer design. It's so soft and I love the length of the sleeves. The shirt did come out of the wash wrinkle as all heck and you can't iron the graphic at all so I had to be careful. I used a towel and covered up the graphic.

The design/graphic is a play on Archer and Magnum P.I. which is a homage to the season 7 trailer that spoofs the opening to the old 80s tv show. I love anything 80s so this shirt was right up my alley and I am so glad I got it. I will say though, Archer's TOP GUN spoof will FOREVER be my favorite.

We were having game day that day so I threw it on with my favorite pair of jeans. You know that pair. The one that fits just right and is oh so comfortable. Spending all day playing board games, you gotta be in a relaxing outfit so you can take on your opponents!!

Gotta beat them in Exploding Kittens!!


Also for fun, here's an outtake photo! Jaime usually (always) ends up playing photographer and even though we are both working on it, he ends up getting way more photos of me making faces/laughing because he said something sooooo "hilarious."

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Loot Crate / Loot Wear and I paid for the shirt. If you do want to join Loot Crate (any of their crates) sign up here and you save $5 bucks and I'll get $5 towards my next one! WIN WIN!! (I think it works for any of their crates, not sure. I usually have friends use it when they are ordering the actual Loot Crate)

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