Sideshow Collectibles borrowed my soul this year!

I bet you're asking "what is this?" let me tell you! Sideshow Collectibles which makes / sells some amazing highly detailed figures for collectors. I own a few of their releases and I also get my Hot Toys figures from them.

Every Halloween they host SPOOKTACULAR for a week. They have a ton of contests, giveaways, free reward points which is pretty much free money, and new releases. The last two SPOOKS I earned enough Reward Points to buy their Sixth Scale Freddy Krueger!!
So now what is Soul Borrowing. Every day or so they would get on Twitter and ask for souls. You of course would go on, reply, use the hashtag, and try to get picked! On the last day of Spooktacular which happened to be Halloween I got my Galactic Scavenger vest and the call for souls popped up and I post a photo of me wearing my vest. Well, I got their attention and when asked if the vest was a Elhoffer Design ( of course) they gave the soul picking to Catherine and she said YES!

My mission was to get photos around my office handing folks things a la Rey handing Luke his lightsaber at the end of The Force Awakens.

So I did!!

Blur co-workers faces

My co-workers were great sports about it even though a few of them did not understand the concept at all but they rolled with it. The receptionist keeps asking if I won and I told her I don't officially know yet. I sent off the photos and an e-mail to the official address but the catch is you HAVE to give them all the requested information correct once or you forfeit the prize.

Free is never easy!

The prize is a Hot Toys Rey figure which OMG when I got officially picked and asked if I wanted to give them my soul for the Rey figure I broke and started crying at my desk. I sometimes get very emotional.

Hot Toys figures are not cheap at all. I own a Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Hawkeye ones. I sold a ton of stuff online to afford the payments! (Thank you payment plans!) I think it warranted a good cry for being picked.

I also don't know which Rey figure I am getting. There's her Jakku outfit, the one with BB-8, and they are taking orders for the Rey island outfit which is actually waitlisted!! Ahhhhh.... I'm good with any of them and I'm good with waiting however long to get my prize because I know they must be swamped something fierce will the shipping!

If you haven't checked out Sideshow Collectibles, you should!! If you are a collector and want some highly detailed figures of your favorite fandoms, they got you covered. Also, they are such a great company and wonderful to their customers!!

Do you own anything from them? Have you ever won one of their giveaways / contests?

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