Small Goals {November 2016}

It's November!! So many things are happening this month! Thanksgiving! My very first 10K! THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!! Tuesday November 8th is going to go down in history for so many reasons, so many.

But while I spend my Tuesday freaking out, I'm here with a review of my October Small Goals and my  new Small Goals for November!!

October Goals:

 Up the running to three days a week - My 10K is this Saturday and I stopped running. This is going to be interesting. 

Trimming the bangs - Trimmed! I even trimmed the ends of my very long and annoying hair. 

 Clean the kitchen - Not only was the kitchen cleaned but we replaced a lot of stuff like the toaster oven!! Of course, the table is a mess because I turned into a crafting table. 

 Book Tokyo Hotel - We mentioned it but it didn't get done! LMAO!!

November Goals:

 VOTE! - Today is Election day in the United States and I'm going to go out there and VOTE!! 

 Set up my 2017 Planner - Oh yes, it's that time!! I'm am planner obsessed and I need to start setting up my 2017 planner. I bought an Erin Condren Life Planner but I'm chopping it up and adding it into my A5 planner.  

 Book Tokyo Hotel - Lets try this again! But we do need to find something for the 3 days are planning to be there. 

 List Five items on Mercari - I've been lowering the prices on the stuff already on there and it's been selling but I need to get more things on there. Five is my goal!

Thanksgiving is in two week-ishs and my birthday is a week after that. I'm totally not ready for my birthday or the holidays. I think it's worse because of this election. I'm terrified guys of what the outcome could be. 

Either way, here's to an AWESOME November no matter the outcome!

Did you create some goals this month? Are you ready for the Holidays? 

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