Unearthed From My Closet: BB-8!!

Earlier in November Jaime and I headed off to Disneyland to run the Doctor Strange 10K during RunDisney Super Heroes Marathon weekend.

I came out swinging with my love for BB-8! We got in on Thursday and I made it BB-8 day! I have a huge love for the droids in Star Wars and she's one of them. Even though it's fall, Southern California was having some crazy weather and it was really hot. I think it was in the 90s that day. So wearing a dress was perfect! Also, I'm glad it was warm because wearing a dress in the cold would of had me crying. I was determined to rock this outfit no matter the weather.

BB-8 dress: Her Universe
BB-8 socks: Loot Crate
BB-8 headband: Bought at the RunDisney Expo during the Star Wars marathon

I also got to visit Chewie and he loved my outfit and I got a hug. I always say this but he gives the best hugs.

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