I ran a 10K and I survived!!

Still thinking about the 10K makes my legs ache BUT I LIVED TO TELL THE TALE!!! Back in Jauary I participated in my first 5K - the Star Wars Light Side - and I made it to the finish line. I got some awesome pictures and I got a nifty rubber Luke medal.

This time around when registration opened for the Super Heroes Half Marathon aka Avengers Run I signed up for the 10K because I wanted the shiny metal medal. And I am insane.

This year the 10k was theme around the release of the Doctor Strange film which happened a week before the race. The medal would be the Eye of Agamotto which I'm so happy they went with that because that would of been one missed opportunity.

The 10K was Saturday morning. 530 in the morning. Yes, insane person over here and this time I managed to tangled Jaime into this insane-ness. We woke up at 3am, got ready, and then headed over to the parking lot they had set up for the pre-show. They had a DJ, hosts, showed clips from Doctor Strange, a water station, and brought out the Avengers to say hi including Doctor Strange. After that, they made the announcement to head over to the corrals to start the race. They are lettered and I was placed in B. Jaime was placed in F but we wanted to run together-ish so I stood back there with him. We waited for a good while and I started to complain about the cold. Eventually it was our turn and off we went!

We started the 10K by running through the streets of Anaheim. It was long and I am so thankful for my music. Every mile they had a marker with the time and me being the scrapbooker, I just had to stop at each one and get a photo! This adds to the time and the farther along you got, the longer the lines got. You have to keep a 16min/mile or you get sweeped. That just means they pick you up and you don't finish the race. We were doing pretty well considering the lack of training we both did.

Finally we got off the streets and into the parks! We entered through the back and ran right into Cars Land. We stopped for a couple of selfie's because I just had too. Getting to see off limit areas of the park is a pretty neat thing. Then we ran through DCA! Some where by Goofy's Sky School in DCA was the 5K mark and I didn't even notice we had gotten there. I was hurting a bit on mile 4 but I was too pumped up to care!! I can't remember where that marker was... I think it was backstage between DCA and Disneyland.

We made a circle around and ended up in a back area of the park which had some of the original ride seats!! I had to take pictures which again ate up my pacing time BUT I DIDN'T CARE.

Oh! And at DCA there were photo ops with Captain America, Spider-man, and Thor. I skipped them all because I have a ton of Thor and Cap & Spidy are in the parks!

And we finally made it into Disneyland. Last race I did we entered through Small World. This time it was Toon Town!!! By now, I had given myself a cramp and I was trying to remember desperately how to get rid of it. But OMG I saw BLACK WIDOW ACROSS FROM SMALL WORLD AND RAN.

I made the cramp worse but I didn't care. Her line was okay.. it took about 5 mins because the photographers were moving everyone along like me. I didn't even get the chance to look at my camera before I was kicked off. Disney takes photos of you throughout the race and at character ops so I at least have that!

Running down passed the Matterhorn we came across Hawkeye! His line was a bit longer but I didn't care. I needed my picture with him. After a few moments of chatting, he finally noticed the shirt was wearing. He was a flirt!

We ran back out through Tomorrowland towards Fantasyland and saw Doctor Strange. HIS LINE WAS CRAZY LONG but we got in. I also took this chance to use the bathrooms in the park because all the port a potty's had long lines. We waited long enough to lose our buffer of time and we were no where near the front. Disney folks were coming by saying we need to move now or we could stay, get our photo but not finish the race. If I wasn't getting my medal this whole thing would of been for nothing.

Off we ran and that was the end of the character photo ops. We ran through the castle, out onto downtown Disney and finally made it to the finish line, tired, in pain but we got our medals.

And because I am insane I made reservation at Chip n Dale's Story Teller cafe for breakfast right after the race. We were both hungry that we took advantage of the All You Can Eat!!

This was such a fun race and I got to run it with someone this time. Of course Disney would be the thing to get me off my couch and start running. I was tired but not in too much pain. I don't remember my official time but it wasn't that great due to stopping for photos AND the lack of proper training but I will do this again in a heartbeat!

And I am. I signed up for next years 5 and 10k!!

Right now, I'm running again getting ready for the Star Wars 10K in January! The medal is BB-8 and it's a spinning one. I'm also going back and forth on attempting the half marathon for that Han and Leia medal!!!

Guys, I ran a 10k and lived.

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