Small Goals {December 2016}

This is it guys! The last month of 2016. I'm not sure what 2017 has in store for me considering everything that has happened and is happening because of the election but I will say this, I stand with her and I will stand for myself. I will be loud. I will be vocal. I will fight.

I will fight for myself. I will fight for my friends. I will fight for women's rights.

Here's hoping it won't take all my energy or destroy me in the process.

I'm also here with another set of goals. I'm really loving the process of creating small goals. I feel like I get more completed and accomplished in small batches! On that note, lets see how November went!

November Goals:

 VOTE! - I voted!! 

 Set up my 2017 Planner - I started it but haven't finished it. It took longer than I thought it would due to the cutting of sticky labels. 

 Book Tokyo Hotel - Oops. 

 List Five items on Mercari - I went into my box of sell stuff on Black Friday, took photos, and listed them. Here's hoping that some of them sell!!

And now onto December!!

December Goals:

 Finish Christmas shopping by the 2nd week - I did my Black Friday shopping online but otherwise I avoided the stores and I want to avoid them the last two week before Christmas. 

 Dink more tea - It has gotten painfully cold for me in SF and instead of consuming soda, I'm going to drink tea instead! I also need to make a dent in my stash. 

 Run the Santa 5k!  - I signed up for a non Disney run! It's the Great Santa Run and my goal is to start signing up for local marathons!!

 Decide between a smart watch or a fitness watch - What? I know, I know. During Black Friday I took advantage of the sales and picked up a Samsung Gear 2 watch and a Garmin fitness watch with notifications.  Both will track my running BUT I'm trying to figure out if basic text notification is fine or do I need the bell and whistles. So, I'm going to test them out and see what I like. 

Ah, December. My birthday month and Christmas. Be good to me!!

Have a great one!

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