Unearth From My Closet: All I need is possible

While I was packing for my trip to Disneyland for the half marathon weekend, I saw my Doctor Strange POP shirt on my bed and I knew I had to bring it and wear it the day off the race. I also saw my black skater skirt and I tried my hands at putting an outfit together.

Once again, it was hot in Anaheim so I'm glad I brought skirt. I also discovered my suspenders and rolled with it. The Collector Corps shirts are men sized so even though I get a small, it's still a bit wide on me but I think the skirt and suspenders helped that out. I also added my white detachable collar to the outfit. I love the whole shirt / collar team up.

Skirt: Thrifted (Similar)
Suspenders: Amazon
Medal: RunDisney 10K

And of course I had my medal! I worked hard for it and I wore it all day Saturday! Since I was blocked from Disneyland, after breakfast we went to the hotel room, napped, changed and then hit up Company D which is the outlet store for Cast Members. Perfect outfit for some shopping!!

Afterwards we went to DCA and I got some awesome pictures with Spidy and Captain America!

I do love these POP shirts I just wished they made them in Women's cut.

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