Universal Studios Japan Halloween Horror Nights 2015

My trip to Japan is being posted slowly. I wrote up my trip to Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood so I figured I should post about my Halloween Horror Nights 2015.

They celebrate Halloween all month long at their theme park. During the day it is kid friendly and so adorable. I absolutely enjoyed it to the freaking max. Around 6pm that's when the scary fun starts and Oh My God, I couldn't wait.

Unlike Hollywood and Orlando, Osaka's HHN is included in your day ticket. Hollywood and Orlando charge you an entrance fee for the theme park and then another one if you want to attend HHN. If you don't have a ticket for Horror Nights, they kick you out when it's time. If you do have one and want to hang out all day in the park, you gotta buy the ticket. I believe Osaka's entrance fee was under 70 dollars for the entire day and for both festivities. I was shocked and so thankful for that because I got to enjoy all of it and didn't have to pick what to do.

Jaime and I ran around getting on rides and trying all the food we could handle. They had all kinds of themed food and drinks! Some were amazing and some were okay but nothing out right terrible. Oh! But before the food, there was an attraction that we bolted to first because they handed out timed tickets and there were only so many each day. It was BIOHAZARD: THE REAL 3 (Resident Evil in the States) Once they were out, that was it.

Clearly, I didn't make it.

The concept of the attraction was a shooting survival game and players were running around Raccoon City and trying to SURVIVE! You win by not becoming affected with the T-Virus. But yea, we didn't get to play because tickets were gone and they had no stand by line.

I'll have a post about the day time events but today, I'm gonna write about the Halloween events!

The first maze we went to was AvP or ALIENS vs. Predators. Hollywood had this maze in 2014 so I thought it was going to be the same but it was not. Not at all. They took the concept but made it their own. We walked right into the battle between the ALIENS and Predators and the costumes, make up, effects were amazing. There was one point in the maze where we had to walk through the vents and they got smaller and smaller. I had to crawl and poor Jaime; this maze was not made for a six foot eight inch man. It was a fun maze overall.

The next one was A Nightmare on Elm Street. I was so excited for this one because I am such a huge fan of Freddy and the Elm Street series. This would be my first A Nightmare on Elm Street maze!! The awesome thing about this maze is they send in you groups of 8 and you have to hang on to a bed sheet. All eight of you need to hang on to this sheet to survive the maze. I was freaking scared. Of course that moment went away once we entered because of our group.

Our group included 6 high school girls who were Freddy fangirls. Clearly, very much in love with the character. They also have gone through this maze a few times because they knew exactly where he should be at / where he would pop out from. They'd bang on the secret doors, window, the wall screaming "Freddy! We love you Freddy!" There were times in the maze where Freddy appeared behind Jaime and I to scare us. The girls were in front of us and we could tell the actors were trying their best to get Jaime and I. It was cute too because they would check up on Jaime and I to make sure we were okay and not scared but yea, totally took me out of the element. The maze started off in a living room and ended in the boiler room. It was his story laid out for us to witness. It was a great maze for what it was worth and the idea of holding the bed sheet was great. But yea, the fangirls took me out of it.

The next maze was my FAVORITE ONE EVER!!! It was their own play on Chucky from the Child's Play films. The maze was titled Chucky's Horror Factory Part 2. I guess the year before they had it and decided to keep going with it and I am so glad they did. The whole idea behind this maze is Chucky took over the toy factory he was built in and is now taking humans and building them his way. This was one of the scary mazes and so well down. The actors were great, the props looked real, and I love their original take on this character. I actually wished this was a movie. You're pretty much trying to escape from Chucky and the factory. If you get caught, you could become his next play thing!

The other maze was titled TRAUMA and it took place in a hospital. Now all the maze has fear levels and this one was listed at a 10. This one was higher than the Biohazard one. I said NOPE so fast! I wasn't down for it. I'm all for these mazes but when you got something at a 10 and I can't understand/read what the actual concept is about, I'm okay. Of course later we found out this one was a ticketed event as well and we had no tickets. Whomp whomp.

And as you walked around the park, there were zombies every where. Every where. We also noticed carts selling these flashing heart necklaces. They were huge and again, not able to read we didn't know what the warning was. Finally we figured it out.. if you had one of these hearts it would start flashing / pulsing to let you know a zombie was near by. The closer the zombie got, the faster it would flash till they "attacked" you. This meant they would grab you, swipe at you, and even chase you around. Some were fast, some were slow! You buying this heart necklace gave the Zombies permission to interact with you. Otherwise, they left you semi alone.

They of course still had areas of the park that were horror / zombie less so if you needed a breather you could head over there!

I had such a blast at Halloween Horror Nights Osaka and I recommend going if you are ever in Japan and visiting in October. I have plans to visit them again!!

I'll be back later with more of my trip!!


Five Fandom Friday - Five Shows I Can't Wait To Watch in 2017

Five Fandom Friday is back!! If you don't know what Five Fandom Friday is, check out this post here for all the information.

This weeks theme is all about TV! Winter is over and a lot of shows are returning or even premiering. I can't wait to fill up my DVR again with all the different shows and rush to watch them all over the weekend. Or in the case of streaming services, binge the entire season. 

These are the 5 TV shows I'm excited for in 2017!

1. Z: The Beginning of Everything

This one is streaming on Amazon Prime starting today! They actually had the first episode which I watched and I can't wait to get home and binge this one. It's the story of Zelda Fitzgerald and it tells the story or her life before she meets the famous writer and everything after. It's based off a book, how much it I'm not sure but I'm very excited to check this one out. 

2. Sense8

Netflix is killing it with their original programming and I can't wait for season 2! They actually released a Christmas episode but I haven't watched it yet. It's the start of season 2 but the rest of it returns May 5th and I rather just watch it all together. The entire cast has such great chemistry and the writing is really great. I will say the first three eps are a bit slow in season 1 because they are trying so much to set it up and once it gets going, it really gets going. The idea of 8 strangers being connected to each other and being able to use each other skills without being near each other is such a great concept. I can't wait to learn more about them

3. Lethal Weapon

Liking this series came out of nowhere and it was not what I was expecting. The episodes are more stand alone stories and I actually like it this way. The partners have such great chemistry together which I find great, they are so the opposite of each other. I also love the family dynamic with the Murtaugh's. The rest of the cast is great too but Murtaugh and Riggs bring it home. 

4. Santa Clarita Diet

Another Netflix original series! I wasn't sure what it was about but I finally caught a trailer and it looks hilarious! Drew Barrymore stars as a mother / wife who becomes the undead and her husband sticks by her through it all. I've kinda fallen off the Zombie / Undead bandwagon (Bye The Walking Dead & Resident Evil) but I'm intrigued by the comedy aspect of the series. Husband and wife sticking together to figure out what is going on and helping her need to feed? Okay, I'm there. 

5.  The Defenders

I know Iron Fist is out first but I'm not looking forward to that one personally. We can talk about it but I'm the fact that they didn't buck the system and cast an Asian American actor in the role was the deciding factor. I may see it but I'm not jumping at my set, gonna watch it all at Midnight on release date. But The Defenders I am excited for. I can't wait to see Jessica, Claire, Misty, and Luke on my screen again. I was a bit disappointed with Daredevil season 2 so I'm hoping The Defenders will be better for Matt and his team. 

Here's my list of shows I'm excited to watch in 2017!! Lethal Weapon will actually be back at the time of this posting and Z; The Beginning of Everything drops today! There is going to be a lot of TV watching this year!

Which shows are you excited for? Let me know in the comments. I'll always on the look out for new stuff!

Have a great weekend!


Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters

Back in September Jaime and I got the chance to visit LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) to check out the Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters exhibit. I love Guillermo del Toro work and this exhibit sounded so amazing that I had to visit.

Since we were planning a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood for Halloween Horror Nights, we figured out how to get first to LACMA and then head to USH. We made it a day of horror!!

In case you didn't hear or know what At Home with Monsters was all about, here's a little blurb from the official LACMA site:

Guillermo del Toro (b. 1964) is one of the most inventive filmmakers of his generation. Beginning with Cronos (1993) and continuing through The Devil’s Backbone (2001), Hellboy (2004), Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), Pacific Rim (2013), and Crimson Peak (2015), among many other film, television, and book projects, del Toro has reinvented the genres of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Working with a team of craftsmen, artists, and actors—and referencing a wide range of cinematic, pop-culture, and art-historical sources—del Toro recreates the lucid dreams he experienced as a child in Guadalajara, Mexico. He now works internationally, with a cherished home base he calls “Bleak House” in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Taking inspiration from del Toro’s extraordinary imagination, the exhibition reveals his creative process through his collection of paintings, drawings, maquettes, artifacts, and concept film art. Rather than a traditional chronology or filmography, the exhibition is organized thematically, beginning with visions of death and the afterlife; continuing through explorations of magic, occultism, horror, and monsters; and concluding with representations of innocence and redemption.

Let me tell you guys, this was an experience. I love his films and  I am such a huge fan of horror and monster / creature films. Getting to see the items / props from his work was a real treat. Getting to see items from his personal collection was icing on the cake!! One of the items I fell in love with was The Queen Tooth Fairy. A piece inspired by Hellboy II: The Golden Army. I want my own.

The exhibit was timed and I think I picked a 11am entry. We took Megabus down from San Francisco to LA, doing a overnight trip and getting in at 6am. We then took the subway to get as close as we could to the museum and found a place to have some breakfast. We made our way to the museum and look around a bit until it was finally time to go in. We spent the entire day in there. They turned a room into a maze and there were so many wonderful items to see. There were so many beautiful creatures to look at. There were props from his films and my goodness to see them up close was just something else. It was totally worth the trip to get there.

After that we got some dinner at the food trucks that were parked outside and made our way to HHN. As always I took too many photos of everything and I need to share them. I narrowed them down and the rest are behind a cut for your viewing pleasure.

Did you end up visiting LACMA? What was your thoughts on the exhibit?


Unearthed from my Closet: I'll Be There For You. The Captain Said I Had To.

I have seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story four times. Each time I have cried. I know what's going to happen and I still cry.

Lilli spent the holidays with us and she wanted to see Rogue One. Who am I to say no. I finally opened my Rogue One Smuggler's Bounty box and I had to wear the shirt. As I mentioned in past posts, I love the Star Wars POP shirts more than the the ones that come in the Collector Corps boxes.

It's been really cold in San Francisco and for some reason businesses are not turning up the heat so I always need something simple and long sleeve. I couldn't find my long navy blue cardigan but Lilli made the comment that red and blue (on shirt) made purple so I could get away with my purple cardigan.

Lilli loved the movie and I cried again.

I know these photos aren't the best but I love this outfit and I want to share it. The lighting was against me but I really wanted to get photos in front of the awesome lobby display too. I wonder if AMC will give it me, not like I have the room for it. LOLOL

Cardigan: Thrifted
Skirt: LuLaRoe

"I am one with the Force. The Force is with me."


Five Fandom Friday - Five Films I'm Excited For In 2017

Five Fandom Friday is back!! If you don't know what Five Fandom Friday is, check out this post here for all the information.

Today's topic is the five films I'm excited for this year. There is so many awesome films being released in 2017 and I had such a hard time narrowing it down to just five films. I did it though so here is my list of the films I'm excited for this year.

1. Star Wars Ep. 8

Like you didn't see this one coming. Having all these new Star Wars films is amazing and this is such an exciting time. Rogue One was so great and I'm even more hyped for Ep. 8. I'm here for the bigger story that was going to involved General Leia. This film is going to be also bittersweet because I'm such a huge fan of Carrie Fisher. She was a force to reckoned with and spoke her mind. This film is going to full of emotions for me.  

2. The BATMAN LEGO Movie

The trailers make me laugh so much and I can't wait for this film to be released. The LEGO movie was so much fun and I can't wait for the Batman LEGO film. It's going to be so much better than the Superman v Batman film. I sat through that and I want my 15 bucks and three hours of my life back. I'm still very bitter about that film.


The Wolverine films have gotten better and with the news that LOGAN is rated R, I'm very excited to see where it goes. Deadpool did really well and was such a great film so I'm excited to see how they take the original story of LOGAN make it work with the movie universe. The original X-men film was good  with the sequel being okay and the third film just making me cry. Wolverine Origins was garbage but The Wolverine turned that around. 

3. John Wick 2

Have you ever seen the trailer of a movie and think "This isn't going to be that good?" but then you hear folks describe it as pretty much a guy going on a shooting spree over the death of his puppy you just have to watch it? Yea, John Wick was that film and even though I only caught it on blu-ray, I loved it so much I went out and bought the rental. I'm excited to see the sequel and found out if he continues screwing some stuff up over that puppy or is this something else? I saw set photos of him with another dog. Do they do something to that one? I GOT QUESTIONS!!

5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Two words: BABY GROOT

Here is my five films that I can't wait to see this year!! Both BATMAN and John Wick are out on the same day. The other three are through out the year and I am excited for them. I didn't see much in theaters last year (unless you count older films being shown at the Alamo Drafthouse) so I'm hoping 2017 will be much better and get my butts into those movie seats.

And I hope these films are amazing because movie tickets are pricey in San Francisco.

Which films are you excited to see this year? Let's talk about it!!!


Virtual Running

Virtual runs are a thing and I did two of them last year! I discovered both the Hogwarts Running Club and Whovian Running Club. They are fandom based running clubs and if you can't tell by the names, they are Harry Potter and Doctor Who theme.

So what is a virtual run? You sign up for a run / distance of your choice / offered and you get to complete it during your own time. You signed up for a 10k but need to break it up and do two 5k's? That's perfectly ok. You wanna walk the entire thing? Go for it. Wanna do it at the same time as an actual race, You won't be judged.

You wanna walk 13. something miles at Disneyland to count? DO IT!

Sometimes the group will suggest a day to do the run. Whovian Running Club suggested Nov. 28 because it was Karen Gillian birthday but again, not needed. You pay a registration fee of course which will you get a medal and part of proceeds will benefit the charity of the running groups choice. The groups don't ask for proof of running but really, if you don't you're kinda cheating yourself.

As always do your research to see how much of the registration fee will go to the charity.

Anyways, I discovered Hogwarts Running Club first and I signed up the 93/4K. Since I was going to run the 10k Doctor Strange marathon, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I could pick any way to complete the run and this is how I wanted to complete the 9 3/4K. It was awesome because I also found out a few ladies that were running the 10K were also there for their Hogwarts Running medal.

My medal arrived towards the end of December and guys, it is amazing! I love it!! One the back of the medal they added elements of Harry's third year! And it spins!! You can check out the 2016 medals here and I can't wait to do a couple more next year!

As I started looking more into virtual runs, I found the Whovian Running Club and they were still open for the year! Their medal was a Weeping Angel and it was amazing. I signed up!

Their run was 10K which I completed in November on the treadmill as I trained for the Star Wars Light Side races. Again, all perfectly acceptable. That's the beauty of virtual running, it's on your time.

Of course, make sure to check all the details with the running group because they could ask for proof of time. Both Hogwarts and Whovian Running Clubs don't but do love sharing photos!!

And in the midst of all of this, I was told about a running app called Zombies, Run. It's a story based app that you listen to as you run and you feel like you are being chased by zombies. It's really neat and they are doing a Virtual Run in 2017! It's a whole new story and they will send you a medal and other fun things depending on the level you sign up for.

If you've been wanting to try running / don't have time to actually sign up for a physical one, virtual runs are an awesome option! And trust me, for this girl who hasn't done anything physical / exercising since high school this statement is BIG!!


Unearthed From My Closet: Slytherin

On Christmas Day we went to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them again. This was my third viewing. I really love this film so some strange reason. I think it's the beasts. I enjoyed Newt's adventures of finding the ones that got out more than anything else.

And we can talk about how amazing Queenie is in this film? She was my favorite character. Niffler of course was my favorite "beast" in the film.

Since I was heading out to watch a magical film, I had to represent my house! I wore my favorite Slytherin item ever, my cardigan from Elhoffer Designs. She created Hogwarts house inspired cardigans and they are all amazing. I also own her Widow inspired one and I love it.

I love this outfit that I put together. It was so comfortable. I spent the entire day in it. The cardigan is so warm and I'm always looking for warm items. Double points because I can wear the cardigan to work as well. Geeky office wear for the win!!

Geeky confession time: I haven't finished watching any of the Potter Films or finished reading the books. I've only read / seen up to Goblet of Fire and stopped. I just got bored with book four and both 3 and 4 of the films were such a mess that I just got disinterested. I'm going to give the books another go again but not sure if I will get around to the films.

But I do love Fantastic Beasts and I can't wait for more!

Cardigan: Elhoffer Designs
Cage / Body Harness: Mod Ministry
V- Neck Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: LuLaroe
Boots: Kohls
Wand: Universal Studios Hollywood

Have a good one!!


Another Year - Here I am

Happy New Year!!!
Yea, I know I'm late to the party but as it always said "Better Late than Never!" And I believe in that statement! Of course I do believe there are moments where one shouldn't be late.

2016 was filled with some really amazing highs and some really lows but overall the year was the best of times. I got to visit New York again and got to see #HAM4HAM. I didn't win the lottery for tickets but getting to experience that was out of this world. I got to visit Washington D.C. for the first time too! I went back to SDCC for all four days and see my friends!! I went to Seattle not once but twice! I love that city. I got the chance to volunteer at the Her Universe Fashion Show. Jaime and I celebrated 10 years which let me be frank, is an accomplishment. Being in a relationship takes a lot of work and to hit 10 years is something! Married or not, relationships are relationships and you need to put in 100%!

I'm not sure how 2017 is going to blow it out the water but I know I will make that happen.

I guess this is the part where I would write and share with you my New Years Resolutions but I didn't make a list this year. I'm sticking with my monthly small goals list which really helped in 2016 and I love that idea. I have a few things that I do want to do in 2017 though.

I want to keep writing. May it be here on my blog, over at Agents of Geek, or even in my journal. I have discovered that I do love writing and I want to continue with it. I want to get better. I slowed down my writing when I got the second job and for the last couple of months, I just didn't do much of it anywhere. I need to change that and I will. I shouldn't let working two jobs stop me. I will make the time to write.

Speaking of writing, I want to work on growing my blog. I have so many adventures that I want to share. I have some stuff I've been wanting to write up for reviews for. Outfits I want to share. I would just tell myself, "I'm tired from working... maybe tomorrow" and then it has become a month later. I need to stop being lazy and start doing. I want to be proud of my blog and I want to share things with the world. But I also want a record for myself too.

I've been thinking about what my one word for 2017 would be for a bit now. I think I may have found it.


At first I wanted to go with EXPERIENCE because I'm always wanting to try new things. I'm always wanting to do something at least once but I realize that a lot of that comes with fear and I have had had fear stop me from trying something, from doing something. I don't want that. I want to be brave. I want to slap fear in the face. I want to be FEARLESS.

I posted my first unboxing video last year and even though the camera and lighting was crap, it was an experience. I was so scared though.
I posted my thoughts about Rogue One only casting one female (lead) on the blog. It was my first opinion writing and I was so scared.

It worked out. I didn't get trashed but I didn't really promote it.

So yes, my word for 2017 is FEARLESS and lets see how far it gets me with all the things I want to experience this year.

It's a New Year and a new chapter is starting in my life. This may not be a giant list of resolutions but I like this list. I can continue attacking little things with my Small Goals but focusing on my writing, building my "Wonderland", and being FEARLESS is what I want to do!

Lets do this 2017! Don't let me down!


San Francisco Great Santa Run 2016

I finally ran my first non RunDisney event. My first ever run was the Star Wars 2016 5K in January and then I did the 10K Doctor Strange in November. In December I ran the San Francisco Great Santa Run 5k.  

In between these three runs, I also signed up for two virtual ones which I will talk about it in another post. 

The idea is simple, have a ton of folks in Santa costumes run a 5K around Crissy Fields in San Francisco while raising money for a good cause. When you signed up, they offered you a Santa outfit and you could wear the entire thing or parts of it. I wore the whole thing and I also added a tutu that my co worker made me. 

The race started at 8:30AM and even though some may think it's earlier, it's not as earlier as the RunDisney ones and not as early as my work shifts at my second job. But it would of taken forever to get to that end of the city on a Sunday so I uber over. 

Yea, I know how that sounds. I took an uber to a run. 

At 8:37AM, over a thousands Santa's took off. Since we had a later engagement that day, I ran by myself. It was fine though. I put on my headphones and enjoyed the beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge / Crissy Fields gave me.

It had been raining earlier in the week and I was so worried it would be raining on Sunday but luckily it stopped by Saturday night. The course I will say was very, very muddy. I also had to watch for the puddles because I did not want to run and then head back home in soggy shoes. They also announced that the course had to change a tiny bit because of the mud and puddles. 

When I ran my first 5K, I was dead after I finished. I was sore and hungry. Even though I'm terribly bad at training, I'm running as much as I can even after working 14 hour days, 5 days a week. This 5K was much easier and I didn't hurt! I also bought Pro Compression socks which folks in a couple of the running groups I'm in love and live by. They say they are great for recovery! They did help a lot. 

Oh and through out the course they had photographers and I finally got the e-mail that the photos were up! These are some of my favorites!

I had a lot of fun and this event was really well managed. They also had some vendors and food after the race but I had to get home to get out of the outfit and ready for a Christmas party we were going to. I plan to sign up for 2017 and hoping I can bring some friends along this time. The same group is doing a Cupid Run in Febuary and I'm tempted to sign up for it. I'm new to the running thing but I got the bug. 

I'm not here to be the fastest, just to have fun and finish! But I will say, I finished the 5k in 37 minutes which is pretty good for me!

A close up of my race costume and my medal!! 

On the way to the bus stop to get home I walked by the Palace of Fine Arts and I got this amazing photo!! It was a really beautiful day. 

My next running event is the Star Wars Light Side 5k, 10k, AND half!!! I think I'm biting off more than I can chew but I'm excited to try! Terrified but excited. 


Small Goals { January 2017 }

Happy New Year!! How did you spend your day? I hope it was a nice chill but fun day! New Years' Eve was spent with friends having a lovely dinner and crafting right into the New Year. On the first Jaime and I went out for burgers and caught some Pokemon!!

2017 is here and I'm excited for all the things planned. My first Run Disney event is in two weeks and I feel like that will be the kick off for all the things I have planned! What about you? What are your plans for 2017?!

I started doing Small Goals in the middle of 2016 and I loved it so much that I'm going to keep it going in 2017. It helped me as both a to do list and a list of things I want to achieve. So lets see how my final small goals of 2016 went!

December Goals:

 Finish Christmas shopping by the 2nd week - It happened!! I finished my shopping and I didn't have to deal with the groups of people. 

 Dink more tea - I call this a win. It wasn't a "everyday, have tea" thing but I upped my tea drinking game in December. 

 Run the Santa 5k!  - I did it!! A post will be popping up soon but I went, I ran, I conquered. 

 Decide between a smart watch or a fitness watch - I settled for a Samsung Gear 2. It's been fun learning about my watch but I do get frustrated with it. I gotta return the Garmin ones I bought during Black Friday.  

I think this was the first month where I completed all my small goals! That was a great way to end the year!! And here are my first goals for 2017!

January Goals:

 Read one book - I failed this goal a few times in 2016 that I just stopped adding it and my reading year was terrible. I have like 5 books started but never finished them. Also, ONLY FIVE BOOKS?? Ugh, I need to change this for sure!

 Change my blog layout - I have had this layout for over a year now and it's time for  a change. I want to update the layout, the profile picture (still have braces in that photo), re write the about me page etc.

 Come up with my one word - I keep seeing folks announce their one word for 2017 and I want to try this. I saw a few people do this in 2016 and I didn't bother with it but I think for 2017, it may be a good thing. Especially with the way 2016 ended, I think having a word to focus one will help me handle whatever 2017 becomes. 

 List Five items on Mercari - I did this goal in November and I feel like it went well so I'm going to do it again. I actually went through my collectibles and decided to let some go so this will focus more on the collectibles and not clothes like the past Mercari goals. 

Here's to a great start to 2017 and here's to a great year!!! No matter what happens, it will be amazing!!
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