San Francisco Great Santa Run 2016

I finally ran my first non RunDisney event. My first ever run was the Star Wars 2016 5K in January and then I did the 10K Doctor Strange in November. In December I ran the San Francisco Great Santa Run 5k.  

In between these three runs, I also signed up for two virtual ones which I will talk about it in another post. 

The idea is simple, have a ton of folks in Santa costumes run a 5K around Crissy Fields in San Francisco while raising money for a good cause. When you signed up, they offered you a Santa outfit and you could wear the entire thing or parts of it. I wore the whole thing and I also added a tutu that my co worker made me. 

The race started at 8:30AM and even though some may think it's earlier, it's not as earlier as the RunDisney ones and not as early as my work shifts at my second job. But it would of taken forever to get to that end of the city on a Sunday so I uber over. 

Yea, I know how that sounds. I took an uber to a run. 

At 8:37AM, over a thousands Santa's took off. Since we had a later engagement that day, I ran by myself. It was fine though. I put on my headphones and enjoyed the beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge / Crissy Fields gave me.

It had been raining earlier in the week and I was so worried it would be raining on Sunday but luckily it stopped by Saturday night. The course I will say was very, very muddy. I also had to watch for the puddles because I did not want to run and then head back home in soggy shoes. They also announced that the course had to change a tiny bit because of the mud and puddles. 

When I ran my first 5K, I was dead after I finished. I was sore and hungry. Even though I'm terribly bad at training, I'm running as much as I can even after working 14 hour days, 5 days a week. This 5K was much easier and I didn't hurt! I also bought Pro Compression socks which folks in a couple of the running groups I'm in love and live by. They say they are great for recovery! They did help a lot. 

Oh and through out the course they had photographers and I finally got the e-mail that the photos were up! These are some of my favorites!

I had a lot of fun and this event was really well managed. They also had some vendors and food after the race but I had to get home to get out of the outfit and ready for a Christmas party we were going to. I plan to sign up for 2017 and hoping I can bring some friends along this time. The same group is doing a Cupid Run in Febuary and I'm tempted to sign up for it. I'm new to the running thing but I got the bug. 

I'm not here to be the fastest, just to have fun and finish! But I will say, I finished the 5k in 37 minutes which is pretty good for me!

A close up of my race costume and my medal!! 

On the way to the bus stop to get home I walked by the Palace of Fine Arts and I got this amazing photo!! It was a really beautiful day. 

My next running event is the Star Wars Light Side 5k, 10k, AND half!!! I think I'm biting off more than I can chew but I'm excited to try! Terrified but excited. 

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