Universal Studios Japan Halloween Horror Nights 2015

My trip to Japan is being posted slowly. I wrote up my trip to Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood so I figured I should post about my Halloween Horror Nights 2015.

They celebrate Halloween all month long at their theme park. During the day it is kid friendly and so adorable. I absolutely enjoyed it to the freaking max. Around 6pm that's when the scary fun starts and Oh My God, I couldn't wait.

Unlike Hollywood and Orlando, Osaka's HHN is included in your day ticket. Hollywood and Orlando charge you an entrance fee for the theme park and then another one if you want to attend HHN. If you don't have a ticket for Horror Nights, they kick you out when it's time. If you do have one and want to hang out all day in the park, you gotta buy the ticket. I believe Osaka's entrance fee was under 70 dollars for the entire day and for both festivities. I was shocked and so thankful for that because I got to enjoy all of it and didn't have to pick what to do.

Jaime and I ran around getting on rides and trying all the food we could handle. They had all kinds of themed food and drinks! Some were amazing and some were okay but nothing out right terrible. Oh! But before the food, there was an attraction that we bolted to first because they handed out timed tickets and there were only so many each day. It was BIOHAZARD: THE REAL 3 (Resident Evil in the States) Once they were out, that was it.

Clearly, I didn't make it.

The concept of the attraction was a shooting survival game and players were running around Raccoon City and trying to SURVIVE! You win by not becoming affected with the T-Virus. But yea, we didn't get to play because tickets were gone and they had no stand by line.

I'll have a post about the day time events but today, I'm gonna write about the Halloween events!

The first maze we went to was AvP or ALIENS vs. Predators. Hollywood had this maze in 2014 so I thought it was going to be the same but it was not. Not at all. They took the concept but made it their own. We walked right into the battle between the ALIENS and Predators and the costumes, make up, effects were amazing. There was one point in the maze where we had to walk through the vents and they got smaller and smaller. I had to crawl and poor Jaime; this maze was not made for a six foot eight inch man. It was a fun maze overall.

The next one was A Nightmare on Elm Street. I was so excited for this one because I am such a huge fan of Freddy and the Elm Street series. This would be my first A Nightmare on Elm Street maze!! The awesome thing about this maze is they send in you groups of 8 and you have to hang on to a bed sheet. All eight of you need to hang on to this sheet to survive the maze. I was freaking scared. Of course that moment went away once we entered because of our group.

Our group included 6 high school girls who were Freddy fangirls. Clearly, very much in love with the character. They also have gone through this maze a few times because they knew exactly where he should be at / where he would pop out from. They'd bang on the secret doors, window, the wall screaming "Freddy! We love you Freddy!" There were times in the maze where Freddy appeared behind Jaime and I to scare us. The girls were in front of us and we could tell the actors were trying their best to get Jaime and I. It was cute too because they would check up on Jaime and I to make sure we were okay and not scared but yea, totally took me out of the element. The maze started off in a living room and ended in the boiler room. It was his story laid out for us to witness. It was a great maze for what it was worth and the idea of holding the bed sheet was great. But yea, the fangirls took me out of it.

The next maze was my FAVORITE ONE EVER!!! It was their own play on Chucky from the Child's Play films. The maze was titled Chucky's Horror Factory Part 2. I guess the year before they had it and decided to keep going with it and I am so glad they did. The whole idea behind this maze is Chucky took over the toy factory he was built in and is now taking humans and building them his way. This was one of the scary mazes and so well down. The actors were great, the props looked real, and I love their original take on this character. I actually wished this was a movie. You're pretty much trying to escape from Chucky and the factory. If you get caught, you could become his next play thing!

The other maze was titled TRAUMA and it took place in a hospital. Now all the maze has fear levels and this one was listed at a 10. This one was higher than the Biohazard one. I said NOPE so fast! I wasn't down for it. I'm all for these mazes but when you got something at a 10 and I can't understand/read what the actual concept is about, I'm okay. Of course later we found out this one was a ticketed event as well and we had no tickets. Whomp whomp.

And as you walked around the park, there were zombies every where. Every where. We also noticed carts selling these flashing heart necklaces. They were huge and again, not able to read we didn't know what the warning was. Finally we figured it out.. if you had one of these hearts it would start flashing / pulsing to let you know a zombie was near by. The closer the zombie got, the faster it would flash till they "attacked" you. This meant they would grab you, swipe at you, and even chase you around. Some were fast, some were slow! You buying this heart necklace gave the Zombies permission to interact with you. Otherwise, they left you semi alone.

They of course still had areas of the park that were horror / zombie less so if you needed a breather you could head over there!

I had such a blast at Halloween Horror Nights Osaka and I recommend going if you are ever in Japan and visiting in October. I have plans to visit them again!!

I'll be back later with more of my trip!!

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