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Virtual runs are a thing and I did two of them last year! I discovered both the Hogwarts Running Club and Whovian Running Club. They are fandom based running clubs and if you can't tell by the names, they are Harry Potter and Doctor Who theme.

So what is a virtual run? You sign up for a run / distance of your choice / offered and you get to complete it during your own time. You signed up for a 10k but need to break it up and do two 5k's? That's perfectly ok. You wanna walk the entire thing? Go for it. Wanna do it at the same time as an actual race, You won't be judged.

You wanna walk 13. something miles at Disneyland to count? DO IT!

Sometimes the group will suggest a day to do the run. Whovian Running Club suggested Nov. 28 because it was Karen Gillian birthday but again, not needed. You pay a registration fee of course which will you get a medal and part of proceeds will benefit the charity of the running groups choice. The groups don't ask for proof of running but really, if you don't you're kinda cheating yourself.

As always do your research to see how much of the registration fee will go to the charity.

Anyways, I discovered Hogwarts Running Club first and I signed up the 93/4K. Since I was going to run the 10k Doctor Strange marathon, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I could pick any way to complete the run and this is how I wanted to complete the 9 3/4K. It was awesome because I also found out a few ladies that were running the 10K were also there for their Hogwarts Running medal.

My medal arrived towards the end of December and guys, it is amazing! I love it!! One the back of the medal they added elements of Harry's third year! And it spins!! You can check out the 2016 medals here and I can't wait to do a couple more next year!

As I started looking more into virtual runs, I found the Whovian Running Club and they were still open for the year! Their medal was a Weeping Angel and it was amazing. I signed up!

Their run was 10K which I completed in November on the treadmill as I trained for the Star Wars Light Side races. Again, all perfectly acceptable. That's the beauty of virtual running, it's on your time.

Of course, make sure to check all the details with the running group because they could ask for proof of time. Both Hogwarts and Whovian Running Clubs don't but do love sharing photos!!

And in the midst of all of this, I was told about a running app called Zombies, Run. It's a story based app that you listen to as you run and you feel like you are being chased by zombies. It's really neat and they are doing a Virtual Run in 2017! It's a whole new story and they will send you a medal and other fun things depending on the level you sign up for.

If you've been wanting to try running / don't have time to actually sign up for a physical one, virtual runs are an awesome option! And trust me, for this girl who hasn't done anything physical / exercising since high school this statement is BIG!!

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