Monday, February 13, 2017

Moon Prism Power! Make Up!

I had myself a little Sailor Moon weekend back in January.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a HUGE Sailor Moon fan and when Viz Media announced that Sailor Moon R the Movie would be getting a limited theatrical release, I stalked their site for the list of theaters. I had gotten tickets to see it at the Alamo Drafthouse but I was fortunate enough to get an e-mail about seeing it as press for Agents of Geek a week before that showing so I jumped on it.

Getting to see it twice? Of course!!

It was Friday night so after work I headed off to Japan town to get myself some ramen for dinner and watch the movie over at the NEW PEOPLE Theater. If you ever in San Francisco, check out the New People building!

Not only did we get to watch Sailor Moon R the Movie subbed, they also showed a mini movie titled Make Up! Sailor Guardians.  The mini movie centers around Usagi and Chibi-Usa hanging out at an outdoor café and they over hear two girls talking about the Sailor Guardians. It’s pretty much a recap of who is who in the series.

This was such an awesome event to get to attend because of the memories I have associated with this series. I’ve seen and own the edited down version of Sailor Moon R the Movie aka Sailor Moon R the Movie - The Promise of the Rose but I also own the original cut of the film on VHS. Back in day, when you wanted something subbed there were groups out there that would do that AND put them on VHS.

Witnessing this movie on the big screen was the freaking best.

On Sunday I got to check out a local gallery because they were hosting a Sailor Moon exhibit. I luckily heard about it in time to check it out on the last day! It was a small place but I love the art. It was magical to say the least. Also, they created such a cute display – they made a bedroom and I wanted everything! The vanity, the bed covers, the lamps, they even had Sailor Moon’s wand out. The original art was for sale and some even had prints you could order. I did order one and will share once it arrives.

So yea, I had such a fun filled Sailor Moon weekend. I can’t wait for the new season of Sailor Moon Crystal to start and I really hope Viz Media gets the opportunity to give Sailor Moon S the Movie and Sailor Moon Super S the movie theatrical releases.


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