RunDisney 207 Star Wars Light Side 10K

I'm back with another RunDisney recap!

On Saturday I woke up again at 3am to get ready for the 10k. Jaime was joining me this run. This time I went as Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens since the medal for the 10K was BB-8. We got ready and made our way over to the corrals.

We were second to last of the groups because I completely forgot to submit our proof of times to get into an earlier group. Oh well. So we stood around in the cold, listening to the pre show since we were too far away to actually watch it and kept ourselves entertain.

Finally at 5:30am they started rolling the groups and I got excited!! It was almost our turn. Light Side was my second 10K ever. My first one was the Doctor Strange 10K last year.

And finally we were off and away.

The 5K is entirely in both parks with a bit of Downtown Disney. The 10K adds some backstage and a bit more of Downtown Disney in the route. I love running backstage and getting to see all the cool things.

Because this was theme to TFA, they had characters from that film out. Again, since we were in the back by the time we got to the first character stop, it was long. Also the 10K is timed and we need to maintain a 16 min per mile or we get picked up. So I did what I did during the 5K, drive by selfie's. Also since I had Jaime with me, we managed to take more shots of the park. Folks also helped us get a few pictures so we could have a couple together.

The characters for the 10k were C-3PO and R2-D2, BB-8, Kylo Ren, and Chewbacca. First Order Stormtroopers and Captain Phasma were around but they had official spot to take a photo with them. I again started a road block to get a selfie with Captain Phasma. I was sad about not getting photos with ANY of the droids. Again, the line was 50 min+ wait. Kylo and Chewie I was going to skip either way since I have a ton of photos with Kylo and Chewie is still a character meet and greet in the parks.

The 10K was a great time and of course was even more fun running with Jaime. The 10k did get a bit bottled up in some parts and even though we both do the running/walking, we were forced to walk for a good chunk backstage before entering Tomrrowland.

After we finished and got our medals, we headed back to the hotel to get ourselves cleaned up and back in the park for the day!

On Sunday I woke up early again to participate in my first ever half marathon. That was interesting to say the least.

Post on that coming soon!

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