RunDisney 2017 Star Wars Light Side 5K!

Back in January, I went to Disneyland to participate in the RunDisney Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon weekend. This year was my second time running the Light Side but it was my third RunDisney event. You can read about my Star Wars 5K here and my Doctor Strange 10K here.

I had originally only signed up for the Star Wars Light Side 10K because at the time the 5K runners were not given metal medals. They changed that at the end of last year. I was still okay with the 10K until I saw all the medals for the weekend.

I ended up signing up for the 5k and the half marathon as well.

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Friday morning I woke up at 3am to get myself ready and head over to the event / starting area. Working the early hours over at my part time job made the 3am wake up call easier. I was running the 5K by myself since I was only able to get one entry ticket and Jaime was barely sure he could run the 10k. Instead of getting there at 4am like they ask you too, I took my time and got some food. By the time I made my way over, they had open up the corrals and I got into my spot.

I was in the last group because I registered two weeks before the event so even though I have a good pace per mile for 5k runs, I was in the back. Last year I was in the first group and I was able to stop and get pictures with everyone I wanted. Since I was in the last group, that didn't go so well. All the character lines were long. C-3PO and R2-D2 who are never out at Disneyland had over an hour wait in line. I made the tough choice to do drive-by selfies.

As long as you weren't blocking folks - both runners and those waiting, they were pretty chill with folks walking up and getting selfie photos.

There were Stormtroopers and Boba Fett was out but they weren't actual lines for them. Boba Fett is in Star Wars Launch Bay at the park so I was okay with that. He comes out at random times so you just gotta get lucky.

I did get a photo with a horse on the course. A Force horse LOLOL

Even though this time I had to do drive-by selfies, I had such a blast like always. The Cast Members out cheering you on, the Star Wars music playing as you run, the photo ops of the park in general when it's not open just yet, it's always a great time.

The RunDisney events are expensive and as I mentioned I did three this time around but so worth it being both a Disney fan and a Star Wars fan.

And because I have been running and training, the 5K was a totally breeze for me. After I finished, I went back to the hotel to get ready and spend the day at the park!!

Saturday morning was the 10K and that post is coming soon!

Also, I attempted to Vlog the 5K!! I wanted to do the same for the 10K and half but I realized that it would be the same & after mile 6 of the half, you'd just see nothing-ness as I ran through the streets of Anaheim.


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