Small Goals {February 2017}

Oh January. You started off amazing and ended in WTF mode. I'm trying to make it good for myself so I don't official breakdown but I'm still heart broken over the events of the last two weeks.

On that note, lets see what I did or did not do for the first month of the year!

January Goals:

 Read one book - I read half a book. I actually picked up my very first Star Wars Legends book and got half way through it. And then it became February. 

 Change my blog layout - I tried but I screwed up the coding somewhere which I don't understand how since the layout was bought premade. I will figure it out.

 Come up with my one word - I did!! I wrote a bit about in this blog post but my one word is FEARLESS!

 List Five items on Mercari - I listed so much more than five! I did it the second to last weekend of January and I sold off 4 things already. Very excited for the money and more things being gone!

I'm very proud of FINALLY getting more items listed on Mercari. I've been selling things all week and even though I priced them a bit low, they are moving. I need these things to move. I need space lol. 

And with that, here are my February 2017 goals!

February Goals:

 Clean out my closet - I know I'm posting on Mercari but those are items from six months ago that I cleaned out. I need to do another clean out. I actually semi started with those strapy tanks from Forever 21 that are 2 bucks each but stretch out so bad. Those are getting tossed but yea, time to clean!

 Post a YouTube video - I filmed during my Star Wars 5K run and I want to edit it together and post it on YouTube.  

 Finalize the Japan tripI head out next month to Japan but there is so much that needs to be finalize, mainly the Tokyo portion of the trip and Disneyland. You can't take me to Japan and tell me I'm not getting to visit Disney. 

I'm going with three this month which is perfectly fine. The cleaning of the closet is a huge task that I need to take on and I only have so many hours after work to take on the task. And posting a YouTube video works with my word of the year - FEARLESS

Did you come up with your February goals? How did January rock for you? 

Have a great day!

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